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  • Influence Marketing: a lever to raise brand awareness for How To Spa

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    How To Spa becomes an Influence Marketing expert with Kolsquare




    How To Spa considers Influencer Marketing to be an excellent tool and a way to make yourself known, gain credibility, get closer to your community and trigger potential sales.

    We started our communication strategy 3 years ago with sponsorship campaigns on social media and the following year with publications in the press. Today, we are 80% focused Influencer Marketing, which is more economical and efficient. Kolsquare is a very impressive solution thanks to its database and how easily information can be found there. It allows me, for example, to search for the most relevant influencer profile for a specific campaign or to analyse the influence / engagement score, in order to really know the quality of the profile depending on what I invest. Maud Ganry Boutaric Founder of How To Spa

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