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  • Mathieu Thomé joins Kolsquare (by Brand and Celebrities) as Chief Revenue Officer

    Paris, 12 March 2019 – Kolsquare (by Brand and Celebrities) continues its forward impetus and confirms its desire to accelerate its growth by developing its range of influencer marketing solutions and preparing its international roll-out with the arrival of Mathieu Thomé as Chief Revenue Officer and member of the Executive Committee.
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    Mathieu Thomé Kolsquare Chief Revenue Officer

    The influencer marketing market is booming. It’s a market that’s in the process of becoming professionalised, and this applies as much to service providers as it does to advertisers, or to influencers, who are now becoming genuine KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). I am therefore delighted to be participating in this market revolution and to be joining Kolsquare’s senior management team at a key moment in its development. As someone with a particular affinity for human resources, I am very keen to bring my expertise and experience into play at the service of our clients

    , states Mathieu Thomé, Chief Revenue Officer at Kolsquare.

    Mathieu joins Kolsquare with 20 years of solid on-the-ground experience in the marketing and sales sectors behind him and an excellent knowledge of the influencer marketing market.

    After first spending six years developing his career as a consultant at Accenture and following this with a year as director of RP&Co, in 2008 Mathieu Thomé joined Augure by LaunchMetrics, working initially as VP of Sales for France & Northern Europe then later on as VP of Operations for Northern Europe.
    In 2016 he joined the Ykone agency as deputy managing director, and in 2017 he took up the post of VP of Operations at Octoly, where he spent one year.

    At the end of 2018, Mathieu Thomé joined the Brand and Celebrities group and its influencer marketing brand Kolsquare, taking charge of a team of 20 people made up of business developers, account managers, influence experts and customer success managers.

    As Chief Revenue Officer, he is tasked with accelerating Kolsquare’s revenue growth and developing the sales of SaaS (software as a service) subscriptions and the range of services offered whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction in preparation for the international roll-out.

    Kolsquare’s objective is to become the European leader in influencer marketing by 2021, a market currently estimated to be worth €1bn (Western Europe, 2018).

    About Kolsquare

    Kolsquare is a platform that enables marketing and communications professionals to optimise every aspect of their influencer marketing campaigns, from identifying the best influencers and making initial contact through to measuring ROI.

    Influencers have now become genuine Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), resulting in the emergence of a fully-fledged new form of media, the adoption of which represents a major high-stake challenge for advertisers. It’s for this reason that Brand and Celebrities launched Kolsquare in 2018.
    The Kolsquare platform takes advantage of the possibilities offered by the latest big data, AI and machine learning technologies to establish fully genuine and bona fide partnerships with more than one million influencers with more than 5,000 followers in 180 different countries on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    About Brand and Celebrities

    Brand and Celebrities, which operates in the MarTech (marketing technologies) sector, was born of a conviction that well-known personalities can be the most effective means of marketing and communication for businesses if they are properly selected and properly utilised.

    Since 2011, therefore, the company has been inventing technologies that facilitate collaborations between marketing and communications professionals and top personalities: 6000+ celebrities, 1000+ expert speakers and 1 million digital influencers.

    In the space of just a few years, Brand and Celebrities has become a market leader, initially in the French celebrity marketing market and subsequently in the French influence marketing market. The company now has 50 employees and over 1,000 clients, and has successfully raised €3.5M in funding from CapHorn Invest, Xavier Niel and Jacques-Antoine Granjon.