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Top 2022 Travel influencers and their KPIs

After the Covid 19 pandemic, people are ready to travel again. Likewise, brands are waiting in the wings to sell their products and services. With targeted travel influencer strategies, you can generate more sales and reach potential target groups. Read now how to find the right Travel influencers for this summer with this exempalry selection of Kolsquare’s KOLs and their KPIs.


During the height of the pandemic, we were forced to explore our travel destinations digitally only, for instance on Instagram. However, the establishment of social media as a new kind of digital travel agency began long before the global health crisis. Influencers, in particular, take their followers to places of longing: on a hike through the mountains of Norway, to the white beaches of the Caribbean or to a campsite in Croatia. 

Therefore, collaborations make a lot of sense, both with macro- and nano-influencers. Read more on the Kolsquare blog about general strategies on how to find the right influencers for your next campaign on Instagram!

Trends in the travel industry in 2022

Discovering the most beautiful places on earth together with your favorite travel blogger and capturing the memories in equally beautiful photos sounds like a dream for many. This is exactly what savvy influencers are now making use of: they are organizing their own trips. Alyssa Ramos of My Life’s a Travel Movie has been particularly successful with this. The influencer, who has become known as a solo traveler, is offering 15 trips in 2022 alone. For example, she takes paying followers to the Seychelles, Tanzania and Zanzibar; to Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo; or a 16-day Mount Everest Basecamp hike just for women. In order to execute her group trips, brands are eager to collaborate with her.

As pointed out earlier, the place of social media in the travel industry is generally changing. While the platforms used to serve merely as inspiration, they are now acting as digital travel agents, as they play a key role in deciding purchasing decisions. Data from Travolution shows that 40% of Millennial travelers aged 18 to 33 choose a vacation destination that is particularly “instagrammable.”

Travel influencers and their KPIs using Kolsquare data

Kolsquare is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that inspires and helps brands with their influencer marketing campaigns. Specifically, from identifying KOLs to measuring their performance, Kolsquare handles various services as requested. For this article, Kolsquare was able to identify six very different travel influencers for your brand. They show how versatile the industry is and what valuable insights marketers can gain through the Kolsquare data. 

Download Kolsquare’s free study on “Influence marketing in the Hotel & Travel sectors in 2021” through this link in order to learn more about the industry in general and trends over the past year. 

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In addition, this article refers to the Kolsquare Credibility Score, which shows by a distinct percentage how many followers of the influencers are “real people”. In the course of the growth of the industry, some influencers, driven by the promising profits that can inevitably increase with the number of followers, have bought “fake followers”. This way, some influencers have increased their reach artificially. The Kolsquare Credibility Score counteracts fake followers by giving each profile a score out of 100. This is used to calculate the quality of the audience and engagement. 

But now, without further ado, let’s introduce the six travel influencers:

1. Priscila da Silva Andrades (@priscidasilva)

The Spanish girl Priscila is interested in travel, fashion and lifestyle topics and has a considerable reach with 82.6K followers on Instagram, making her a medium-sized influencer. Her Kolsquare Credibility Score is 72, and her audience consists mainly of women who are between 24 and 34 years old. Her engagement on posts is 2.92%, and her Earned Media Value (EMV) is €758 per post.

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2. Ad & Co (@chaloumar360)

The French family of five shares their road trips around the world. They have 56.8K followers and a Kolsquare Credibility score of 87. Again, the majority of followers are 24 to 34-year-old women. Their engagement on posts is 6.75%, and their EMV per post is €1,780.

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3. Atilla Barbarossa (@atillabarbarossa)

Atilla is a German influencer and film director. While 66.4K people follow him on Instagram, he has 209K on TikTok. His Kolsquare Credibility score is 79, and he now has a majority of men between the ages of 24 and 34 who are interested in his content. His engagement on posts is 2.37% on Instagram and 1.18% on TikTok, and his EMV per post is €450 on Instagram and €1,200 on TikTok.

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4. Amorea (@amorea__)

American explorer Amorea is interested in travel and lifestyle topics. She has 67.5 K on Instagram and 200 K on TikTok, her credibility score is 72. With her content, she mainly appeals to women who are between 24 and 34 years old. Her engagement on posts is 2.7% on Instagram and 21.5% on TikTok, her EMV per post is €683 on Instagram and €20,600 on TikTok.

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5. Jesus Cardiel Simón (@zaragozeando_)

The Spanish photographer has 16.4 K people following him on Instagram, while his Kolsquare Credibility Score is 72. His audience is mainly male and between 24 and 34 years old. His engagement per post is 1.2%, and his EMV per post is €22.

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6. JOHNNY WARD (@onestep4ward)

The French macro-influencer (797K followers on Instagram, 2.6 M on TikTok and 918K on Youtube) has a Kolsquare Credibility Score of 74. He is followed by younger women, most of whom are between 18 and 24 years old. His engagement on posts is 4.25% on Instagram and 3.2% on TikTok, his EMV per post is €6,220 on Instagram and €41,300 on TikTok.

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As you can see, the industry is very broad. Every influencer has their niches and consequently offers different advantages for your next campaign.

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