How Kellogg's made its product fun on the web

ClientsHow Kellogg's made its product fun on the web

Kellogg's uses a humorist to promote one of its products with humor on the web.

The famous breakfast cereal brand, Kellogg's, sought to highlight its Kellogg's Extra Peanut Butter product.

Kellogg's objectives:
  • Embody "fun" values
  • Strengthen the brand positioning
  • Increase the reputation of the product

For this, Kellogg's has set up a mini web series of 6 video sketches of 30 seconds. And to make live these videos and give them an offbeat, they needed a humorist influencer, with a good sympathy capital.

The actress and comedian Ariane Brodier played the game.
The videos were broadcasted on media websites, the brand's social networks and those of the influencer.

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