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  • How did Fizzer successfully activate macro and micro-influencers to increase its ROI?


    Over a hundred KOLs activated for promising results!


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    Relying first and foremost on other marketing and branding strategies, Fizzer has fully implemented Influencer Marketing into its strategy as a ROI oriented and efficient tool in 2020 as part of the involvement of macro and micro-influencers.
    We have decided to incorporate Kolsquare into our daily actions because...

    of the many functionalities that the solution offers,in particular in order to identify macro-influencer profiles relevant to our brand. This research is made easier for us thanks to the credibility score of the audience of each profile that we consider. Claire Lambert Communication & Partnerships Manager @Fizzer

    Involved Talents

    La Penderie de Chloé - Influencer

    La Penderie de Chloé - Influencer

    +215K subscribers overall
    PoïFamilly - Influencer

    PoïFamilly - Influencer

    +455K subscribers overall

    Megan Vlt - Influencer

    +380K subscribers overall

    HealthyLifeMary - Blogger

    +244K subscribers overall