Finding French and international influencers

It's easy to find the French and European influencers you need!
Mar 2019


For all advertising campaigns and especially during a digital influencer campaign, it is important to precisely define the people you are aiming to reach. Don’t forget that the mass marketing era is now a thing of the past! Marketing and communication now concentrate on much more precise and more personal segments.

While digital influencers see their roles grow, brands need to identify their audience and community in order to communicate a relevant and personalised message to their target.

That’s why you need to choose influencers whose post topics and interests are the most in line with your brand sector.

How to find the right influencer

While 92% of consumers take notice of recommendations from peers, influencers appear to be actual vehicles for communication. Because they are icons in their particular fields (beauty, technology, gaming etc.), their fans put a lot of trust in them.

To recognise key influencers in your sector and help you make the right choice of influencer, we recommend calling upon experts in the field. Be they agencies or especially platforms, they will be able to guide you and steer you towards the relevant Key Opinion Leaders.

Here are the different types of influencers you can be associated with for your next campaigns depending on your sector:

Influencers from the world of culture and cinema

In the world of culture, there are of course cultural influencers in the wider sense of the word. Fine arts, photography, history… these influencers may present their own artistic creations as well as those of others (visiting museums, exhibitions, etc.). There are also cinema influencers who may be industry professionals and/or fans wanting to make a name for themselves.

Influencers from the world of finance and business

The business sector includes finance influencers and business influencers. These may deal with different topics. It is very interesting to follow these influencers to keep an eye on our constantly changing world, from an economical and entrepreneurial point of view.

Technology influencers (gaming, automotive, innovation, etc.)

This is technology in a broader sense. It covers gaming influencers as well as automotive influencers. There are also innovation influencers who discuss the latest technologies on the market.

Nature, travel and animal influencers

Animal influencers are masters who may even look like their furry friends. Some of them even take them with them as the explore the world. They are therefore similar to travel influencers.

Fashion and beauty influencers

As one of the broadest yet trendiest categories on social networks, this group contains all the Key Opinion Leaders who cover how to take care of your appearance. It includes beauty influencers, make-up influencers and fashion influencers.

Health influencers (well-being, sport, cookery, etc.)

These influencers include health influencers in the medical sense of the term, well-being influencers and also sport influencers who explain how to look after your body. This category also includes cookery influencers who love sharing their new recipes.

Society influencers (senior citizens, family, social, etc.)

Society influencers cover all social and demographical categories. They may be senior influencers, family influencers, luxury influencers or social influencers who are involved in causes they feel strongly about. There are also celebrity influencers and lifestyle influencers who have more and more influence on social networks.