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As popular mascots, animal influencers are the new, on-trend celebrities. Tap into their community!
Mar 2019


Having an unusual pet is currently a great way to become an influencer who stands out from the crowd.

Partnerships with animal influencers are increasingly popular. It’s not unusual for them to generate more likes than human influencers!

Influencers across all sectors have grasped the fact that this is a lucrative market where our feathered and furry friends have value in their own right.

Pet influencers

Who can resist a cute photo of a little dog posted on Instagram? Brands wanting to make their mark on the web have quickly sniffed out the influencer potential of our animal friends. The incredible success of animals is unquestionable.

Funny, cute and touching: it’s a winning formula. Two twin French bulldogs named Piggy and Polly have melted Instagram hearts just by eating out of their bowls, watching their mistress work or sleeping side by side on their cushions.

We can’t talk about pet influencers without mentioning Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s famous feline friend who inspired a collection in her honour and even has her own Instagram account.

Exotic pets are also on the rise, enabling more detailed stagings such as Mieps, a small Guinea pig whose owner lives in the Netherlands and takes part in all sorts of adventures against brightly coloured backdrops.

Wild animal influencers

Whilst pets are all the rage on social networks, wild animals generate even more views and interest.

Current animal influencers include Maya, a small, unusual fennec fox who is tame like a dog, and Mr Pokee, an adventurous hedgehog which follows its owners absolutely everywhere. The more unusual the animal, the higher its chances of becoming a good influencer.

This is the case for Malcolm, an American Akita who is almost like a canine model with his bear-like appearance that his owner loves to capture in her photos.

Finally, whilst unfortunately it is not yet possible to see a real unicorn as an influencer, the cutest animals in the blogosphere can be domesticated such as Junji et Jiro, two adorable Asian otters who love smothering their masters with kisses.