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Expert beauty influencers and digital beauty advisors are the most famous influencers. Tap into their community!
Mar 2019


From transformation for a new make-up look to exploring new make-up trends, you can find everything you need to know about make-up, hair, bodycare treatments and cosmetics brands on beauty blogs by beauty Influencers.

EmmyCynthia DuludeHoria… there are lots of beauty influencers in this field.

Whether their role is to look closely at the contents of skincare products, talk about the texture of a type of make-up or even combine colours in palettes, beauty influencer are the best placed on the market and know what they are talking about.

As well as being professional make-up artists, they give honest opinions on the products tested.

Social networks such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook as well as Snapchat and Pinterest are teeming with these digital influencers who double as digital beauty advisors.

Skincare and make-up influencers

For these influencers, it’s all about feeling good in your own skin. They convey handy tips they have come across, or talk about ways to achieve the ultimate in well-being.

From make-up, beauty treatments and hair care to plastic surgery, beauty influencers have tested everything!

Sananas leads the way in make-up artist tutorials. A committed tester, she posts two videos a week including ‘Swatches’. These are tests on new make-up products.

Amivi is a professional make-up artist and posts high quality make-up tutorials. Her channel is mostly about the basics and routines.

Beauty lifestyle influencers

Certain influencers take the definition of the word ‘beauty’ in its wider sense, looking at all sorts of topics around this subject.

EnjoyPhoenix is the leading French Youtuber who talks about make-up, face and body care tips, hair, fashion, sport and fitness.

As well as providing haircare advice, TheDollBeauty also mixes in other subjects that interest her followers such as fashion or other more off-topic subjects via quirky videos.

Not forgetting BeYourself, a young influencer who deals with all sorts of beauty topics including eyelash extensions.

Looking beautiful whilst having fun has also become a trend on the web. LufyMakes YouUp quickly grasped this concept, offering more personal videos with a dash of humour.

Emma Cupcake also falls into this category of Youtubers who talk to their followers as if they were their best friends, sharing good experiences in their lives.

Are you looking for tips to change your life? DIY is also one of the newest trends in natural beauty.

Healthy Lifestyle & Fitness Influencers

Everyone knows that beauty begins by taking care of your body from the inside. Influencers who advocate a healthy, sometimes vegan lifestyle know this better than anyone.

Whether it’s all about sharing their morning routine, filming gym sessions like Marine Leleu or letting you into their beauty secrets, they cover every single detail to help their community feel great.

SissyMua started out with her passion for fitness which she shared via videos and her blog.

Sleepinbeauty also follows this trend for influencers looking at new organic and cruelty-free products.

Tattoo and piercing influencers

Tattoos fall into the beauty category.

Once frowned upon and on the receiving end of pointed fingers, these emblems marked on the skin were not originally deemed to be a beauty standard. Now, however, they are extremely popular with certain influencers such as Sandrea.

They have even become a beauty must-have.

Still not sure? Youtubers such as EstelleFitz can talk you what it was like to get hers.

Male beauty influencers

Men also have their own beauty digital influencers.

How to avoid sweating, beard trends or even make-up for men, So Style covers all sorts of male beauty topics.

Jake Warden tells you how he manages his acne, Arnaud Vision explains how to use self-tanner and Jair Woo gives you tips on perfect shaving.

Finally, Tutos de Winslegue is France’s most influential Youtube channel, covering topics such as eyebrow shaping, beard trimmer tests and even blackhead remover patches.