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Family influencers talk about their lives as parents and swap tips with other mums and dads. Tap into their community!
Mar 2019


There is no instruction manual for creating the perfect family, which is what family influencers want to demonstrate.

These digital influencers use social networks to show off their children, provide educational advice or just talk about their lives as parents and swap tips with other mums and dads.

Influencer parents

More and more parents now blog. Often it’s to talk about everyday life in their little family, as with Mini Reyve’s blog or the single mum who writes the Des Amours de Jumeaux blog.

The aim is to provide recipes and play ideas, but more importantly to create a space to express yourself and boost other struggling single mums and dads.

As all family structures are different, there are also family influencer blogs providing tips on handling big families, such as Quatre Enfants.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only mums can be family influencers, as many dads are taking to it too such as the Je suis Papa blog which features fun activities to enjoy as a family.

Other influencer parents talk about more difficult and taboo subjects such as Miss Belle Mère who blogs about the everyday issues faced by extended families.

Digital Mum and Digital Dad influencers

What’s a digital mum and digital dad? These are connected parents who have usually just had their first child and are happy to use social networks to show them off, explain their educational vision or share hints and tips to make parents’ everyday lives easier.

Among these various uses on social networks can be found several profiles of digital influencer mums on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube:

  1. The ‘Perfect Mum‘: Women such as Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Anna Saccone-Joly share the highlights of their family life with their followers. A ‘Perfect Mum’ is one who is well and truly fulfilled and loves to showcase all the best aspects of motherhood. From organising family outings, sport and hobbies to making sure everyone always looks immaculate, she always has everything under control!
  2. The ‘Realistic Mum‘: With ‘Realistic Mums’, there are no rose-tinted spectacles. They say it like it really is. There may be fun, laughter and light-hearted discussion, but these mums also share all their everyday worries and problems. Their networks are like a diary where they talk freely about motherhood, warts and all. This is why we like to follow Josiane Stratis and Elisa Gallois!
  3. The ‘Smart Mum‘: Being a parent is not always easy, that’s for sure! So when you’re stuck for a recipe idea for tonight’s dinner, want to learn how to knit or find decorative ideas for your daughter’s bedroom, ‘Smart Mums’ are on hand to share their expertise!
    These creative mums are often good at DIY, such as Aurélie La Poule for example!

They are lifestylefashion or beauty influencers who have become mothers, or mums who became influencers once their first child was born. These Digital Influencer Mums are growing in number on the web, to the delight of other smart mums.

Often seeking reviews or recommendations of what to buy, these Digital Mums are very popular on social networks with 79% of them using these platforms.

As part of a large community, mums like to advise each other and also feature on forums and other community sites to discuss the types of products they use.

There’s no doubt that these women act as true advisers!