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Finance influencers are experts from a variety of backgrounds, all recognised within their fields. Tap into their community!
Mar 2019


It is often believed that influencer marketing is confined to niche markets such as food or beauty products.

This misconception is hard to dispel.

In the world of the stock exchange, CAC 40 and Wall Street, finance influencers – sometimes referred to as ‘cool capitalists’ – are experts who are renowned in fields such as unemployment, the financial crisis and taxes.

They may be financial bloggers, specialist financial journalists, auditors and consultancy firms for example, or simply political decision-makers such as extremely powerful prime ministers or presidents.

Insurance influencers

Within the current economy, insurance professionals wishing to demonstrate their expertise put great emphasis on their e-reputation.

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook as well as forums are becoming great places for insurance company heads, consultants and specialist journalists to talk about their vision or hand out advice to their community.

They also provide these experts with the opportunity to keep an eye on the insurance market and share their findings with their followers.

Jean-Claude Sudre, author of the ‘Assurance du futur’s blog is a good example, sharing articles taken from various websites and media.

But the current most prominent personality is without a doubt Alban Jarry, the author of his self-titled blog Albanjarry where he posts official reports and boasts 31,000 followers on Twitter. Olivier Laborde, Marie-Christine Lanne and Yves Tyrode are also good influencers to follow on Twitter.

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Banking influencers

No Kim Kardashian when it comes to finance? That’s all about to change!

Banks are increasingly present on social networks and are becoming aware that nothing beats Instagram influencers when it comes to putting a face to your brand.

This is why TD bank joined forces with the Instagrammer Tia Valentine with her 217,000 followers during the marketing campaign entitled #ShouldaBeenAVideo.

The aim was to link saving money with travel photos of the Instagram model.

The American bank used the same strategy by calling upon Instagram model Eva Tsang for a series of photos.

In France, CIC used the services of Cyprien whilst Société Générale called upon Hugo Tout Seul for a digital campaign.

These influencers represent very effective ways to connect with Millennials.

Educational influencers

The world of finance can seem extremely complicated, with cryptocurrencies, Ponzi schemes and dividends.

Fortunately, certain influencers are on hand to help you make sense of this sometimes unfathomable world.

Heu?reka  makes concepts such as bitcoin, shares and dividends much easier to understand through humour, in the style of Youtubers such as Norman or Cyprien.

Always with a dash of humour, of course.

In a similar vein, the Youtube channel Stupid Economics led by Arnaud and Valentin boasts 72,000 followers.

They break down the way finance functions into 10-minute episodes.

Finally, slightly more off the beaten track, the DATA gueule programme talks about controversial financial subjects. There are no complicated abstract theories here, just clear data.