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Mar 2019


What’s the current biggest online trend in terms of food? Cooking and baking!

Whether it’s about ways to take control of your diet with health and fitness recipes, exploring new lifestyles by becoming a vegetarian or vegan, or just finding the best ideas for cheap, quick meals: cookery fans are in their element.

There are several thousand influencers in this field on Youtube and Instagram, including food, cookery and gastronomy influencers who showcase their recipes via videos, photos and even cookery blogs.

Vegetarian and healthy diet influencers

“Happiness starts with eating well,” according to these green influencers. Everyone’s talking about the healthy trend, which consists of watching what you eat and favouring light recipes, often with organic ingredients.

The aim is to rediscover food with local flavours, know more about what’s on your plate and prove to everyone that good, healthy food can be appetising.

Rebel Recipes, has risen to the challenge, using superfoods in recipes shared between yoga routines. SissyMua also proves the link between health and fitness with her account dedicated to healthy recipes and gym sessions.

Health influencers sometimes concentrate on specific diets.

The glutenfree hashtag is particularly popular on Instagram, with recipes created by the chef Glutenfreewithemily for example.

There is also rawsugarfree and dairyfree.

Finally, it’s impossible not to mention the healthy trend without focussing on vegetarian and vegan communities, as the vegan lifestyle is such a lucrative market.

Driven by a desire not to exploit animals for food, vegetarian and vegan influencers such as Thevegansolution are a radical core target with a strong desire to promote a cruelty-free world.

Foodart influencers

Having discussed the healthy food trend, we also need to talk about the art of creating beautiful food by foodart influencers.

Everyone knows that social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest are based on creating stunning images.

An entire sector of the market has latched onto this, making dishes which are like works of art in their own right!

For example, cookery bloggers such as Amourducake spend endless time in their kitchens creating amazing, intricate cakes.

Cupcakes, popcakes, muffins and whoopies: anything goes when it comes to baking, and cakedesign could almost become an Olympic sport.

The fashion for foodart follows specific trends.

With healthy Buddha bowls, colourful mermaid toppings and rainbow cakes in the shape of unicorns, the possibilities are endless for a community aiming to push the boundaries of culinary art and create high gastronomy.

Foodporn influencers

Finally, we can’t talk about culinary influencers without mentioning a large proportion of the population who doesn’t have the time to spend hours and hours in the kitchen.

Certain influencers have grasped this!

That’s why Fastgoodcuisine launched its Youtube channel featuring quick, delicious recipes to appeal to people with little time on their hands.

From students on tight budgets to parents of big families or just busy people who get in from work late, these instafood videos manage to appeal to a wide audience!

The foodporn trend aims to make the mouth water with shots of dishes dripping with melted cheese, juicy burgers or chocolate cakes straight out of the oven.

What’s the aim of these foodporn gurus? To travel the world in search of the best restaurants like FoodpornUK and act as a culinary critic faced with mountains of food!