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Gaming and video game influencers have become extremely popular with a wide audience. Tap into their community!
Mar 2019


From Super Mario to Pokemon Go, from TV to mobiles, video games have come a long way. The gaming industry has now overtaken cinema as the world’s leading cultural industry.

With digitalisation and the emergence of platforms such as Youtube and Twitch, gaming and video game influencers have become like VIP digital influencers and have never seen such wide audiences as they do today.

Blogger influencers

Whilst video game producers have always been forward-thinking, using ambassadors such as Shaq or Michael Jordan to promote their products long before the concept of influencers became the norm, the digitalisation of society has led to new practices.

Making blogs accessible to all has made it possible for large numbers of gamers to make a name for themselves, sharing their passion through personal blogs on specialist themes such as sports games, combat games, action games, FPS or adventure games.

Blizzard, the producer of the cult series Starcraft and Warcraft, is the first publisher to grasp the importance of promoting members of its community.

Other blogs such as Damonx, Mamytwink,, JeuxActu and gameblog followed in its footsteps and are now huge hits in the world of gaming.

If proof were needed, the writers of these blogs are regularly invited to annual video game fairs and act as a springboard for publishers bringing out new products.

Let's Play influencers

Showcased by Youtubers, Let’s Plays are enormously successful.

These are gameplays where players try out new games at the same time as the spectator, commenting in a fun way.

Influencers such as Squeezie who is particularly famous for his gaming channel that he hosts in partnership with the Youtuber Cyprien, or Siphano, Sup3r Konar, the specialist in the FPS Call of Duty and Bled’Art exceed millions of views on their Youtube video.

Brands have quickly grasped the commercial potential of these new generation influencers who appeal to a large community.

But Let’s Plays are not confined to shooting games. Gamers such as Aypierre, specialising in the technical redstone aspect of the Minecraft game, categorised as a ‘sandbox’ game, as well as gamers such as Frigel, renowned for his ‘Coopération Hostile’ Youtube channel about the same game, also attract millions of fans.

To mark the release of its ‘The Last Guardian’ game, Sony called upon the services of Squeezie for a Let’s Play series comprising 8 episodes to create maximum visibility for its product.

Pro-gamer influencers

Granted professional discipline status in 1997, e-sport has grown over the past few years.

Pro-gamers now go head-to-head in competitions broadcast mostly on Twitch, the most popular gaming content sharing platform.

This success is mostly due to the fact that Twitch uses the principle of live streaming, enabling viewers to interact with players and creators.

This is how thousands of internet users were able to follow the achievements of Stork, the Korean professional gamer who beat four artificial intelligence bots from the AlphaGo Zero programme in less than thirty minutes at a Starcraft II strategy game tournament.

Also participating on multiplayer shooting games such as Call of Duty or Counter Strike, pro-gamers boast communities with several hundred thousand followers.

Among France’s most influential pro-gamers is Chelxie, with a Youtube channel boasting 317,000 followers.

The other crackshot on the internet is Gotaga a.k.a. Corentin, who is now recognised as one of the most competitive Call of Duty players.