Who are the most relevant health influencers?

In the area of influencers, the health sector is becoming more and more buoyant with highly influential experts in every area of health.
Mar 2019


In terms of digital influencers, the health sector is becoming increasingly buoyant, year after year.

Whether it’s about monitoring developments in the pharmaceutical industry, giving tips on daily prevention or sharing about an illness to inspire other sufferers, the internet gives health influencers a voice.

Healthcare-monitoring influencers

Monitoring developments in the pharmaceutical and medical industry? This is the goal of certain healthcare influencers who, without necessary being professionals in the field, want to publish information to help their audience.

For example, let’s take a look at the very active Twitter account of Pharmageek which offers daily updates in the healthcare sector.

Healthy-living influencers

For others, talking health is also an opportunity to give advice on promoting a healthier lifestyle.

These healthy-living influencers are generally adherents of gentle methods and alternative medicines. It is not uncommon for them to also be lifestyle influencers or cooking influencers offering healthy, nutritional or vegan recipes.

Blog bleu, kept by a woman with sensory hypersensitivity, doesn’t hesitate to promote products that they find useful on a day-to-day basis, to relax and soothe.

Health-illness influencers

Finally, within the context of health influencers, it seems impossible not to cite the illnesses that are directly concerned.

To find courage in their fight against the illness or to inform people that might suffer from the same pathology as themselves, they like to share on Twitter, in blogs or on YouTube channels. Multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancers and others, all illnesses are concerned.

In the fight against breast cancer, the famous graphic artist Tchao Günther created a blog which very quickly became viral and which has now been adapted into comic-book format describing her journey from discovering the illness through to healing.