Find your innovation and technology influencers

Influencers are generating more and more visibility for innovation and technology. Appeal to their community!
Mar 2019


Nearly half of the global population now has internet access and has a smartphone.

Furthermore, it has never been easier to launch a start-up thanks to the digitalisation of society.

The logical consequence is that the number of innovations, whether simple experiences or highly disruptive inventions is increasing constantly.

And digital influencers are not missing the opportunity to provide greater visibility to brand new products and ideas. Let’s take a closer look at the phenomenon of innovation and technology influencers.

High-tech influencers

In a society where the number of technological objects has multiplied, it is difficult to make an informed choice for any product, for lack of being able to test it.

So, it is not surprising that consumers in search of getting the best value look out for high-tech experts.

With the best influencers, we find YouTube channels like Restez Connectés, (“Stay Connected”) which deals with high-tech news through technology tests on smartphones, drones, virtual reality and augmented reality or even connected cars.

Romain Lanery of TechNews & Tests has also experienced great success with more than 540,000 subscribers on his channel where he shares his discoveries and latest innovations.


But the big winner is undoubtedly Wartek.

He has made himself known through his gaming videos, but he now offers tutorials and videos on new technologies.

And his advice is valuable since no less than 1,500,000 subscribers follow his YouTube channel.

Influencers in artificial intelligence

It is impossible to talk about innovation without mentioning artificial intelligence.

In recent years, AI has made huge progress and gained in visibility, whether it concerns the growth chatbots on the internet or even the progress in machine learning and deep learning, established by the defeat of world champions at chess and the game Go, beaten respectively by IBM and Google computer programmes.

One of the great AI influencers, Stéphane Mallard is prophesying that AI and Blockchain “will revolutionise today’s world”.

The Echos journalist Benoît Georges has also established himself as a respected figure in the area of innovation, by tackling themes such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics and transhumanism.

For English speakers, you can’t do better than to follow Wired, a future-oriented American magazine, which will take you on a voyage going from Big Data to blockchain via Data science.