The most bankable lifestyle influencers

Lifestyle influencers are more generalist, but they also reach a very large audience. Appeal to their community!
Mar 2019


Belonging to the great family of digital influencers, is to have the opportunity to show that any lifestyle can be showcased by advertisers.

Lifestyle influencers are the most general, but they also reach a very large audience.

They live their passions and values on the web.

Whether it concerns the zero-waste movement, veganism, design, fashion or green issues, their lifestyles offer an opportunity to reach clearly defined target audiences.

DIY lifestyle influencers

DIY – Do it Yourself.

It is the perfect environment for DIY experts who don’t hesitate to make all sorts of furniture and objects from pallets of wood, as demonstrated by Poulette Magique  in his blog.

What makes DIY unique is the fact that people aren’t happy just to show the final result but want to describe step by step how they carried out the project, like a guide or tutorial for anyone who would like to try to reproduce it.

Design or home decoration projects, there’s something for all tastes.

Fashion lifestyle influencers

Numerous fashion victims have been able to surf the wave of social networks and are now fashion lifestyle influencers. They are enjoying a level of engagement that brands have long appreciated.

Aware of the latest news and bang on trend, they regularly take carefully-staged photos like amateur models to show off new looks and combinations of clothes.

As in the case of The Blond Salad, lifestyle influencers have a carefully thought-out graphical image to showcase their latest purchases.

Green lifestyle influencers

Green lifestyle influencers are a big family that are emerging in an increasing way within the category of lifestyle influencers.

Their objective? To adopt an eco-friendly way of living that protects the planet.

Among them, we find followers of veganism that are against the use of any animal products.

They most often nourish lifestyle blogs with other items such as recipes, also becoming cooking influencers, like Sweet & Sour.

Green-lifestyle influencers are not necessarily involved in veganism, with the second big trend being the 0 waste or zero-waste movement.

Not producing any waste at all (packaging, containers, paper, plastic bags etc.)? A challenge raised with panache by Paris to go and numerous other bloggers.