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Luxury has become a lifestyle in its own right, which is now the holy grail for certain luxury influencers. Tap into their community!
Mar 2019


Luxury is a lifestyle in its own right. Certain digital influencers within the sector share their everyday experiences in high-class hotels and gourmet restaurants. Or photograph themselves wearing fashion pieces from top couturiers.

Luxury influencer audiences on networks are goldmines for prestigious brands, with followers who may be simply curious or envious, or sometimes accustomed to the same lifestyle.

By its very nature, the luxury sector is an extremely niche market which is why it is important to identify the most appropriate influencer, posting the most suitable content.

The relevance of the influencer and their community has much more impact for the brand than the size of their community itself.

How much does the luxury sector spend on digital influence?

Ayant déjà atteint le milliard de dollars, le marché de l’influence marketing du luxe devrait dépasser les deux milliards de dollars d’ici la fin de l’année 2018.

Et cet investissement peut rapporter gros : certains partenariats sont allés jusqu’à rapporter… jusqu’à un million de dollars en 24 heures. De quoi justifier les sommes mises en jeu par le plus pur des retours sur investissements.

"The De Grisogono strategy is to concentrate on content marketing and a smaller number of valuable, close relationships founded on experiences and conversations with our key influencers. All this enables us to create and share an emotional connection with the brand and increase our brand awareness through their audiences."
Gianluca Maina - Communications and Marketing Director at De Grisogono

To create and develop these valuable relationships with a small but relevant number of influencers, luxury brands often call upon agencies as well as digital influencer platforms for their expertise and rational, objective recommendations for choosing digital ambassadors.

Thanks to its partnerships with Dior and LVMH, Kolsquare is more than familiar with these challenges.

Luxury brands have understood they need to reach out to their targets and improve the ability to inspire large numbers of fans through social networks. By massively investing on Instagram, in particular.

They have also grasped the fact that creating a genuine and sincere relationship with its influencers has more value than any other type of advertising.

In particular, luxury brands’ main aims now revolve around gaining a better understanding of their campaigns’ return on investment – and therefore tracking the performance of their digital influencer campaigns.

And not just in terms of sales. Reach, impressions, engagement rates and the ability to access a well-defined target are just some of the challenges faced by brands, whose online presence and reputation are crucial for business.

As are other indicators such as audience share compared to the competition, and traffic generated on communication tools.

What are the various luxury influencer categories?

Luxury lifestyle influencers

The luxury lifestyle is a very hot topic on networks, and is constantly gaining new fans. Whether they show off high-end jewellery or the latest appliances with cutting-edge technology, lifestyle influencer accounts are springing up all over the web.

Certain Instagrammers such as Abu AzaitarSecret Lives of the Super Rich and Sabrina Tubic often post photos of their lavish lifestyles.

Haute couture influencers

Otherwise known as TheBlondeSalad, Chiara Ferragni has built what is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant digital empires based on haute couture.

Posting inspiring, high quality photos of her designer outfits, she is today followed by over 12 million fans.

Dressed from head to toe by the world’s biggest names in fashion, influencers such as Elsa Hosk or sister models Gigi and Bella Hadid have become the faces of the biggest haute couture fashion houses on a worldwide scale.

Luxury travel influencers

Sleeping in 5-star hotels and travelling with the most prestigious airlines form part of their everyday lives.

Luxury travel influencers such as DEBI FLÜGGE regularly post their most stunning travel images from the very best destinations on their Instagram accounts.