Authentic and relevant make-up influencers

Make-up is an art in itself and make-up influencers will show you better than anyone. Appeal to their community!
Mar 2019


Make-up is an art in itself. Make-up influencers will show you better than anyone. On YouTube, tutorials to learn how to put on a dash of eye-liner, apply highlighter or create smoky eyes come out every day.

You can learn the basics of perfect make-up thanks to these numerous digital influencers that freely share their make-up tips and the latest tests from cosmetics brands on social networks like YouTube and Snapchat.

They regularly post photos on Instagram, Facebook as well as Pinterest on which they showcase their latest, carefully-worked make-up styles.

Make-up artist influencers

They know the art of applying make-up! Looking for original and quirky Halloween make-up? LufyMakes YouUp explains how to create the head of an alien with not only with make-up, but also with latex. One of the best testers on the web is perhaps Sananas.

Whether it’s to provide her opinion on the texture of make-up, or to show you a new range of eyeshadow, she knows how to stay honest and the directors of cosmetics brands know that well.

Cynthia Dulude is the Quebec youtuber that offers you very-well explained make-up tutorials.

Treatments and beauty-tips influencers

These influencers explain how to apply your self-tanner or even glitter for the perfect night-out look. They also share their latest shopping trips and beauty tips, and  even tell you their secrets.

Like chatting among friends, EnjoyPhoenix opens up in a video called “chit chat make up”. Sandrea and Horia talk just as well about mascara and foundation advice, as they do on using the beauty blender.

On the other hand, these bloggers practice unboxing, a  video technique (on YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Direct or Instagram Stories), in which they film themselves unpacking products that they have just bought or receive from partner brands for which they are ambassadors.

Noemiemakeuptouch carefully follows all the tutorials to continue to satisfy her followers, like with the tutorials “Get ready with me” and the challenge “se maquiller avec des outils de peintures” (in english: apply make-up using painting tools).

Make-up micro-influencers

The growth of social networks has offered everyone the opportunity to become an influencer. With a smaller community, make-up micro-influencers nevertheless remain incredibly influential. Very close to their subscribers, they get involved and build relationships with them.

AudreyMarshmallow, for example, offers the same type of videos as the biggest influencers but in her own way, by being more accessible for web users that identify with her.

Sleepingbeauty is into organic and vegan products. She shares her latest make-up routine tips that respect her vegan lifestyle. Romy talks about iridescent and matte lipsticks, as well as materials, and the blusher pigments that she uses to create tutorials focussing on low cost and small budgets.

The new darling is Magali Bertin, presenter of the broadcast  Les Reines du Make-up (The Queens of Make-up) which started with a blog and a YouTube channel and which demonstrates once again her expertise thanks to the publication of a specialist book in this field.