The trendiest fashion influencers

Models, actresses or simple bloggers, fashion influencers advise their community better than anyone on which style to adopt.
Mar 2019


Being fashionable is their mantra. Like real stylists, fashion digital influencers regularly post photos of their latest looks.

These fashion victims don’t hesitate to take photos of themselves in their latest outfits, tastefully mixing and matching the clothes they have bought on their latest shopping trips.

Models, actresses or simple bloggers, these fashion influencers will advise your better than anyone on which style to adopt for the next season. Through their Instagram and Pinterest posts, you’ll discover the latest trends created by ready-to-wear brands as well as the artistic directors of fashion houses.


They have become the favourites of social networks and have several hundred thousand followers on Facebook and Snapchat. Editors-in-chief and fashion journalists inform themselves daily of what they wear in terms of accessories, lingerie, women’s fashion or even what they make their children wear.

The blogger Garance Doré began with her blog Total Mode, 10 years ago.

Influencers like Jeannedamas, Audrey Lombard and also Louise Follain post photos of their incredibly stylish looks on a daily basis and have become muses for certain fashion houses. They are often more influential than some top models.

TheBlondSalad is now creating her own shoe collection, Helena Bordon, and Kristina Bazan, are part of the new digital elite.

The influencers that decode fashion

Need an outfit for a cocktail party, a makeover, or simply want to go shopping on a budget?

Certain beauty Youtubers like Sananas and EnjoyPhoenix will also help you discover the latest trends for 20-24-year olds through their “Haul” videos.

Hate the crowd and allergic to stores? Don’t panic, fashion bloggers have already tested all the fashion sites online and will tell in the finest detail about their purchases on their unboxing videos.

They’ll help you avoid style mistakes and will teach you all the fashion faux-pas not to make. Sananas will guide you wonderfully through her “grimmicks” advice or be revealing the centrepieces of her wardrobe on a “dressing tour”.

Special sales and budget fashion videos for those that want to be stylish without breaking the bank are also popular.

Stylandme, and Elodie Romy will also share the latest must-haves and where to find the best pieces similar to those of the biggest brands.

DIY influencers

Fashion is subjective and that’s what Laurette has clearly understood, giving you fashion tips in which she explains how to transform your body shape using clothing.

Want to discover how to adapt a shirt, transform a skirt or create a super-stylish top?

DIY – Do It Yourself – is also incredibly on-trend in this field. This is what Lisa Gachet does with her blog Make my Lemonade.

Male influencers

Men’s fashion has now become just as important as it is for women.

Male fashion influencers definitely have their place in the digital world!

Jim Chapman has the look of a perfect English gentleman, while Marc Forne presents a style that is much more “urban street”. Each to their own speciality.