Contact cinema influencers

Cinema influencers such as actors, directors, critics or simply film fans are worth following. Tap into their community!
Mar 2019


Contact a cinema influencer to talk about an effective communications strategy, for example.

It is important to choose an influencer from the sector that matches your brand image.

This said, as an accessible form of art with a wide audience, cinema is an interesting sector for any brand looking to select a brand ambassador.

Any cinema influencer is worth following, be they an actor, director, critic or simply a film fan.

Influencer actors and actresses

Often the most well-known people associated with films, actors and actresses are mostly who come to mind when we talk about cinema, many with large Instagram communities.

Actresses such as Emma Watson, also renowned for her feminist approach, as well as Marion Cotillard, Charlotte le Bon, Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie are strong personalities who can attract brands.

Among male actors, Guillaume Canet, Ryan Gosling, Jean Dujardin, Omar Sy, Robert Pattinson and Jake Gyllenhaal are the most followed personalities in marketing campaigns.

Film director influencers

Directors are celebrities in their own right. Xavier Dolan, Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Sofia Coppola are all well-known and highly respected.

Sometimes more famous than the actors they work with, brands use their image to represent them. Xavier Dolan was notably the ambassador for Louis Vuitton and Magnum.

Film critics

With the rise of social networks, influencer critics have sprung up.

Youtubers such as LeFossoyeur de filmsMathSeFaitDesFilmsKarim DebbacheFaux Raccord or INTHEPANDA publish posts as film critics.

Each of them analyses films in their own way, be they blockbusters, art films, short films or even trailers.

The awards season such as the Oscars, Césars or Cannes Film Festival represent great opportunities for them to create a buzz.

Other cinema influencers promoting films

They may have been invited to go see comedy, horror, science fiction, adventure or romance:

Whatever the type of film, whenever cinema companies invite influencers to previews, they expect them to talk about the films on social networks.

It can certainly be worthwhile to invite an influencer (Youtuber, blogger, Instagrammer etc.), but it’s all about choosing the right one. Ideally, one who would potentially enjoy the film as it is something they can relate to.

We often see Natoo, Cyprien, Squeezie, Norman Thavaud and Hugo Tout Seul at film premieres.

For example, inviting a Gaming Youtuber to the preview of a romantic film and expecting them to enjoy the film and talk about it on social networks would be a big ask.

Matching the influencer’s sphere with the brand target is an essential and extremely important step.

As well as previews, there could be communication about a Blu-Ray, DVD or digitally edited release, or even the release of the film score.

Businesses can use all these occasions to call upon an influencer.