The people-influencers making people talk

People influencers are the gutter press 2.0. They make social networks the place for revelations about people.
Mar 2019


Actors and actresses, artists, people, but also businessmen or fashion bloggers, people-digital influencers come in all sorts of guises.

Creating a buzz can pay-off big and these people-influencers know this all too well. They don’t hesitate to use social networks to feed their popularity.

Snapchat, Instagram, and also Facebook, YouTube and even Twitter are their means of sharing their ideas and creating the trends of tomorrow. A sort of gutter press 2.0, social networks have now become the place for revelations about people.

Influencers from reality TV

They attend all people events, and the goal of these celebrities is to attract the attention of the public and media.

Jeremstar is the people journalist, a specialist in reality TV, known for his bathtub interviews. Popularity is their goal, and Instagram influencers don’t hesitate to use any means possible to create a buzz and thereby maintain their media career.

Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara took part in reality TV shows broadcast on television to seek publicity among the general public. These personalities of the small screen seek to be well-known, like Cyril Hanouna.

With regard to Perez Hilton, he is the unmissable American reporter who posts comments on his blog about the latest celebrity news.

Celebrity influencers

Film stars, singers, comedians, presenters… everyone has an influence on their audience. To stay popular, these digital influencers don’t hesitate to share news about the events that they have attended, and their coming shows and films.

Camille Lellouche has been named as the number one people influencer in France. This public figure who started on Instagram and Facebook to share her ideas, now does a one-woman show on stage.

One of the first to stand out is Rémi Gaillard, who has become one of the most important influencers in their field thanks to their gags, which are at times controversial.

Jenifer, who came to fame through a talent show, as did Matt Pokora, are loved by the French. Finally, influential personalities from the big screen like Omar Sy or Kev Adams are key influencers in the world of People.

Millennial influencers

The golden youth love to share their lives on social networks. In night clubs, often in chic, sparkly environments, they love sharing their lives on social media, and use them to maintain their reputation.

They are inaccessible, and their accounts relay their exceptional life experiences, show off their fast-paced lives or even the money that they earn.

Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus but also Justin Bieber are some of the singers that have experienced success very young.