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Digital influencers can be excellent means of sharing social causes.
Mar 2019


Digital influencers can be excellent means of sharing social causes.

There are more and more people getting involved in subjects that impact on human rights, women’s rights, global warming or any other cause that concerns society as a whole. We call these social influencers.

Feminist influencers

Women’s rights are a fundamental cause that social media has brought to the fore over the last few years.

Feminist influencers care about spreading the word on gender discrimination, but not only that, since intersectional feminism has developed hugely on the web.

She shares their experiences and raises one of the latent problems affecting all societies: sexism. It is particularly the case of the blogger and cartoonist Emma whose article on the mental burden hit the headlines.

Whether it’s about harassment in the street, abortion rights, denunciating sexual assault or the glass ceiling, feminist influencers are expressing themselves on numerous subjects and are highly publicised.

Social influencers

Awakening consciences, suggesting debates and reflection on topical issues and raising obscure points.

From summarising the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to questioning the capitalist monetary system, social influencers generally create popularisation content to help their followers understand complex issues.

For example, the YouTuber who runs the channel Et tout le monde s’en fout (And no one cares) the objective of which is to make short, informative and dystopia videos on global, systemic news.

Humanitarian influencers

Finally, the last category of social influencers are humanitarian influencers.

These focus on actions that may impact on developing countries and most often help to raise funds or broadcast news stories.

During the Somalia famine, Jérôme Jarre, a successful Viner and Snapchatter thereby appealed for donations from the community in order to support the country by sending aid.