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The effervescence of certain sports is a trend experiencing a real boom, and sports and fitness influencers are continuing to flourish.
Mar 2019


With the rise of connected sport, taking care of your body has almost become a moral imperative.

The consequence: the effervescence of certain sports is a trend experiencing a real boom, and sports and fitness influencers are continuing to flourish.

Sports and fitness influencers

In 2018, sport was the second most consumed content segment on Instagram and YouTube, just behind lifestyle (fashion, beauty, health and food).

In the era of healthy lifestyles, sports such as fitness, bodybuilding, running, CrossFit, Pilates and yoga revolve around strong communities on social networks.

That’s why specialist influencers in particular sports continue to emerge, like Greg Runner who shares his love for running, Le Blog de Mademoiselle on trail running, or that of Mangeurs de Cailloux (“pebble eaters”) who tackles themes related to running, road cycling or mountain biking.

This allows them to both share their daily experience and to provide advice to subscribers with a thirst for “training”.

Sports brands like Nike surf on the popularity of some of these influencers and youtubers by offering them partnerships in order to consolidate their brand image among their community.

To distribute this content, YouTube is the go-to platform in this area.

It’s here that we find fitness superstars like Tibo InShape, followed by almost 13 million subscribers across several platforms (Intsagram, TikTok), Julian with her channel  FitnessBienEtre or even Stessie.

Team-sports influencers

Among the different team sports such as basketball, rugby, handball, or even water-polo, football is undoubtedly the one that really holds its own.

It is particularly visible on YouTube, thanks in particular to the e-sport video dedicated to the game franchise FIFA, which is experiencing global success on the platform but also thanks to professional freestyle footballers who show off their technical prowess and extraordinary acrobatic tricks.

This sport has therefore managed to conquer social networks (without taking into account the impact of footballing superstars like Neymar, Messi or Ronaldo, whose subscribers exceed the millions).

Séan Garnier has more than 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and is one of the superstars of freestyle football, just like other big names such as Waas Freestyle or even Gautier Fayolle.

Although the NBA organises events in major European cities to promote its championship through big basketball stars such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and even Tony Parker, the Ligue Nationale de Basket (LNB) called on the support of influencers passionate about basketball to promote its 2017-2018 season, such as the Youtuber and singer  Jaymax, the gamer Yann-CodJordan and even French actress Léa François.

Extreme sports influencers

For those that love thrills, we’re spoilt for choice.

Extreme sports like Freestyle skiing, surfing, water skiing, rooftopping and even skateboarding are now well established thanks to social networks like Instagram or even YouTube.

Millions of people follow the daily exploits of board-sport virtuosos such as freerider Candide Thovex, surfer Jon Jon Florence or Tony Hawk for skateboarding.

More than a simple sporting activity, extreme sport is a lifestyle, sometimes practiced in urban environments as in the case of rooftopping or slacklining.

And brands like Red Bull or Monster haven’t stopped working with these veritable daredevils to enhance their influential power.