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Travel influencers are some of the most influential digital influencers on social networks (Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook).
Mar 2019


Everyone loves travelling! That’s why travel influencers are some of the most influential digital influencers on the web. They travel the world relating their experiences on their blogs or in the form of vlogs.

Backpacking, in five-star hotels, alone or as couples, travel influencers have more than a just a good story to tell!

Backpacking influencers

Becoming a travel influencer seems to be getting more and more accessible for everyone. All you would need to do is leave one sunny morning with a bag on your back and a desire to discover the world. After having spent time dreaming in front of the landscape on the Instagram account Beautiful Destination, why not go on your own adventure?

Backpacking influencers often travel for very little cost. They stay with hosts or in youth hostels when they decide not to camp in the wild. Hitch-hiking or renting a campervan for a road trip. Meeting locals is at the heart of the matter.

In addition to being a lifestyle influencer, as a vegan, Fun for Louis is also a travel influencer who roams the world to share new cultures.

Luxury travel influencers

Other influencers travel with more in their pocket. Less adventurous, they nevertheless prove to be extraordinary photographers and know how to place themselves perfectly in a variety of spaces.

From trips through the jungle to evenings on the beach, luxury travel influencers reproduce a lifestyle that many can only dream of. Erik Conover, a New York vlogger, has often been invited to luxury hotels and freely combines his passion as a sports influencer with his love for travel, where he lives life to the extreme.

When you speak of travellers that have succeeded in turning a passion into a job, you may well mention Lost Leblanc, whose popularity on Instagram allows him to making a living from his adventures.

Travel influencer couples

What more could you dream of than to travel as a couple? That’s why some explorers decide to leave their orderly lives behind and explore the world with their partners.

In Asia, Europe, South America or Oceania, we follow their daily adventures on the web. Couple-travel influencers are endearing personalities with whom it is difficult not to want to identify.

Among the best-known are Clo et Clem detailing all their adventures on their blog.

The current format among influencers is the vlog. This is a blog in the form of a video, usually published on YouTube.

A real phenomenon, Samsung has surfed this wave using the image of big influencers like Cyprien, Marion Seclin and Stéphane Bak.