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Contact welfare influencers (2019)

The success of well-being influencers proves that feeling good in yourself is one of today's most important subjects. Tap into their community!
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Simone Pérèle campaign - Reinforcing the credibility of an aspirational message through the right influencers

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These days, well-being is more fashionable than ever, even to the point of becoming an obsession. How to eat healthily, be active and stay slim? These are the questions asked by a very wide audience.

Influencers in sectors such as sport, food or even a more healthy lifestyle in general have therefore naturally sprung up.

The success of well-being influencers proves internet users’ insatiable appetites for these questions, as well as a certain admiration of their exemplary lifestyle. Here is a summery of the various categories of this flourishing business.

Vegan or vegetarian influencers

A growing phenomenon in France, the vegan lifestyle goes beyond just a diet.

Being vegan means refusing all products sourced from animals, from your plate to your wardrobe and not forgetting your make-up bag. As a result, it comes as no surprise that new vegans are flocking to social networks to seek out expert help.

EtPourquoiPasColine is among the best vegan influencers, handing out beauty, sport and food advice.

Many such as Laura Healthy Vegan offer exclusively vegan recipes, whilst others such as Paris by Vegan help with finding good vegan restaurants.

In addition to vegans, vegetarian and organic influencers are also flourishing. Proof that followers are constantly seeking healthy eating ideas.

Health and well-being influencers

Those who cannot live without eating meat can be reassured that vegan and vegetarian influencers are just a small part of a much wider trend that is sweeping social media: healthy influencers.

For these e-influencers, it’s not just about offering healthy recipes, although certain food bloggers fall into this category (such as OhSheGlows with her gluten-free recipes).

It’s more about sharing their healthy lifestyle, from yoga classes to diet.

Genuine health coaches such as the nutritional therapist Madeleine Shaw, share how meditation plays a role in their lives as young mums.

As for HealthyPauline, she likes to share recipes, restaurant tips and fitness classes. These influencers make dieting a pleasure or help you stay slim in a healthy way with detoxes!

Yoga influencers

The yoga market is huge, worth over 15 billion euros in the USA alone.

Yoga influencers therefore need to manage large communities and many partnership requests for ambassador contracts or just product placement for equipment brands.

Combining sport with meditation, this activity is highly appealing due to its many benefits.

These influencers have truly become ambassadors of this form of exercise, such as Yoga Girl. Whether you are looking for yoga for beginners or at a more advanced level, the demand is enormous. So much so that influencers can actually become entrepreneurs as a sideline.

This is true of Aurélia and Julie who opened a private club where members can enjoy healthy brunches, yoga, power yoga or pilates.

Les Youtubeurs bien-être ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is an absolute phenomenon on Youtube. It’s all about creating a feeling of sensory well-being via videos. Some people even describe experiencing brain orgasms.

The most well-known ASMR influencers boast hundreds of thousands of followers: Gentle WhisperingHeather Feather and Ephemeral Rift.

It’s all about a meditative approach in the form of staging, whispered dialogues or even ASMR tutorials. Whilst it’s not guaranteed that you will experience a brain orgasm, you are highly likely to sleep.