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  • Fake Followers and Likes: Facebook Launches Legal Action

    Get into the Influencer Marketing's Latest Trends.
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    Facebook Launches Legal Action Against Companies Selling Fake Followers and Likes

    facebook legal action
    With influencer marketing becoming big business, social platforms are coming under more pressure to verify their audience numbers…

    [INFOGRAPHIE] Les femmes influenceuses (IWD2019)

    femmes influenceuses
    À l’occasion de la Journée Internationale des Droits des Femmes 2019, focus en chiffres sur les femmes dans le milieu de l’Influence Marketing

    IWD 19: Women on Working in the Influencer Marketing Industry

    IWD19 women influencer marketing
    Eight women in the influencer space share their story of what it is like working in the industry, how they got to the top and how it has all changed since they started their career…

    Have Your Instagram Influencer Campaigns Devolved Into Sad, Tired Advertisements?

    The room service tray overflowing with a lavish feast of buttered croissants, fluffy eggs, freshly squeezed juice, and sliced fruit — check. The pensive selfies while centering your product in the frame — check…

    How Much Do Hashtags Matter on Facebook and Instagram?

    How much do hashtags matter? Should we use them? How many? After all, we’ve all see Instagram posts that are #unreadable #because #of #how #many #hashtags #are #crammed #into #the #post. Is this effective?

    Sur Instagram, les influenceurs sont toujours l'eldorado des marques

    Les influenceurs n’ont jamais été aussi convoités par les marques qu’aujourd’hui sur Instagram. Un phénomène qui s’annonce plus durable qu’éphémère…

    How Understanding the True Value of Data Will Help Clean Up Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is never going to achieve the professional recognition it (justifiably) deserves unless it starts to take data seriously. And, by that, I mean genuinely valuable data …

    Why Businesses Should Expect More From Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing has proven to be an effective strategy for companies looking to engage with targeted audiences. Business Insider reports that influencer marketing ad spend is projected to reach between $5 billion and $10 billion by 2022…

    Marketing et malbouffe : les enfants influencés par les vlogueurs

    A quel point les réseaux sociaux, et en particulier les vlogeurs (blogueurs sur vidéo) influencent-ils la manière de s’alimenter des plus jeunes ? Une étude britannique révèle l’impact massif de ces nouveaux modes de communication auprès des enfants…

    Can Money Really Buy Influence?

    In today’s economy, cultivating brand ambassador’s, and buying social influence seems to be written into the business plan of every new startup. Are influencers a necessary part of your business plan?

    MAC Cosmetics dédie un magasin aux Millennials chinois connecté à WeChat

    La marque du groupe Estée Lauder a inauguré à Shanghai un MAC Cosmetics Experience Center interactif dédié à la Génération Z. Principe : proposer une expérience qui correspond aux attentes des Millennials à l’aide de WeChat…