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01. Rational Affinity

A data-based search engine to find the perfect match.

  • 1M+ influencers
  • 4 social networks
  • 4 billion posts and stories
  • Multi criteria search engine on our influencer marketing software (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter)
  • Target your audience through in-depth data analysis about influencers' communities
  • Find the perfect fit: Influencers x Brands x Communities

02. Authentic Inspiration

Build a bond of trust with your audience.

  • #trust
  • #responsibility
  • #authenticity
  • Profiles verified by a dedicated team of experts
  • Build a strong relationship with influencers and create meaningful campaigns to your audience
  • Benefit from a trusted third-party for your influencer strategy (much more than a influencer marketing agency)

03. Effective Communication

Your campaign efficiency matters to us.

  • 11% of engagement
  • 8000% of EMV
  • Boost and measure your ROI for all kind of digital influence campaigns
  • Demonstrate the impact of your campaigns to your clients or team
  • Build influencer marketing campaigns that actually work