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Our mission

We're here to make social media a better place

Social Media and KOL marketing are incredible drivers for change. They don’t only influence - they inspire.

From campaigns that raise awareness for social justice and environmental issues to collaborations that transform communities, and trigger behavioral change - we’ve seen the incredible impact that can be achieved.

At Kolsquare, we firmly believe that Influence Marketing holds the key to create a better world.

That’s why we’ve made it our goal to play our part in making KOL marketing as ethical, responsible and positive as possible.

And we want you all to join us on this mission!

Together, let's establish #InfluenceForGood as the new state of the art!

"Despite the often jarring headlines, we at Kolsquare believe in the immense power of social media to have a positive impact. It can bring people closer together, boost the fortunes of small business and facilitate debate about important issues that are often overlooked by traditional media
Rather than become submerged by the negatives, we’ve taken the lead to drive change for the better."

Quentin Bordage,

Founder and CEO at Kolsquare

Quentin Bordage

Our free resources

Our guides and studies dedicated to ethical Influencer Marketing

Our editorial crew regularly updates our range of free resources dedicated to driving a strong and ethically sound influencer marketing strategy.

The ultimate guide to #Influenceforgood for tomorrow's brands

Championing Ethical Influence: Strategies for Brands Embracing Social Responsibility in the New Age of Marketing


France’s new Influencer marketing law

Deciphering France's Influencer Marketing Law: Navigating Regulation and Professionalization in Europe

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