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Job name


Job name

The added value of Kolsquare really revealed itself to us when it came to reporting to the client. We’re able to show them the overview of the target reached, estimated impressions, the best content, EMV, etc.

Mélanie Rodrigues

The data provided by Kolsquare, including the credibility score and detailed analysis, boost our approach in research, contact, and evaluation of collaborations, thus facilitating rapid optimization.

Elisabeth Gizard

Kolsquare allows us to have a lot of information about profiles. A profile itself might seem perfect on the face of it, but if the engagement rate is low it tells another story.


Kolsquare was a game-changer for our influencer selection. While your network works for 10, activating 100 across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok is a different league. Couldn't have pulled it off without Kolsquare!

Charlotte Caron

Kolsquare helped us create a multi-national campaign with real impact across Europe. We effectively raised awareness of ocean protection among diverse audiences, and expanded our reach. An invaluable tool for influencer marketing!

Amandine Lermigeaux

With Kolsquare, centralizing campaign results is a breeze. The platform offers a comprehensive view, impressing partners by effortlessly showcasing brand mentions and campaign success.

Anaëlle Antigny

Kolsquare has really helped us refine our strategy, resulting in significant gains in visibility and credibility. It has become an essential asset to excel on social media and increase our follower count.

Inès Lagougine

Kolsquare's platform maximizes our impact on a tight budget—simplifying influencer identification, content monitoring, and delivering positive results for our startup. It's been a game-changer.

Pierre Baryla

Thanks to Kolsquare, our influencer campaign was an unexpected success, generating a multitude of positive reactions from influencers and their audiences.

Angélique Giraud

The results were incredible - I was over the moon! We ran the entire campaign via Kolsquare and were able to share all our data easily with our partners. What's more, we were able to obtain really accurate and comprehensive reports.

Julia Bell

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