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Our mission: Doing business, the responsible way

We’ve always tried to do things a little differently, and tried to find a way of being profitable, but also purposeful.

In 2020, we decided to make things official and became a certified Benefit Corporation (Entreprise à mission) - in fact, the first of our industry.

Publicly, we are committed to:

  • Provide access to our tool to NGOs and nonprofits at reduced or no cost.
  • Amplify social and environmental causes through KOL marketing.
  • Share research and promote ethical online behavior.
  • Run a responsible business: Contribute 1% of annual sales to social and environmental issues, reduce our carbon footprint, and uphold equality and industry ethics.

Our NGO partners

Change-makers and activists with the vision of a better tomorrow

We are proud to work with inspiring individuals and non-profit organizations who fight for causes close to our hearts. As awareness and boosting notoriety are kind of our thing, we also do our best to help our partners promote the amazing work they are doing.


Génération Numérique

For 20 years, Génération Numérique has been working with educators, children, teenagers and parents to demystify how the Internet works, and to combat online harassment and bullying among young people. Every year, the association organizes some 7,500 workshops in French schools, supported by Kolsquare.


Bündnis gegen Cybermobbing

Bündnis gegen Cybermobbing (Alliance against Cyberbullying) aims to raise awareness among young people and adults of the dangers of the Internet, and to show people how they can protect themselves from bullies.


Marion La Main Tendue

Marion La Main Tendue (Marion, the Helping Hand) works to prevent and fight school violence and cyberbullying. It involves public consultations and events to raise awareness about the risks associated with violence and bullying in schools, and lobby policy makers.

Supported by Kolsquare, the association also runs workshops with children and parents, and in schools to raise awareness and support victims in protecting themselves against bullies. 

Bullying & harassment

Asociación Española para la Prevención del Acoso Escolar (AEPAE)

Spanish Asociación Española para la Prevención del Acoso Escolar (AEPAE) (Association for the Prevention of School Bullying), was founded 20 years ago by a martial arts expert with the aim of helping children deal with the scourge of school bullies.

More than 20,000 children have received training under the association's National Plan, with the incidence of bullying reduced by 50% in the first year of implementation.

Our commitments

Our approaches to reducing our carbon footprint

Climate change is a reality. And as a tech company, we're part of the problem — but also part of the solution. The global digital footprint is constantly increasing. If left unchecked, the tech sector could account for 14% of global greenhouse emissions by 2040.  

We know we’re not perfect, but give our best to help turn this trend and improve all the aspects of our business. As we can’t do this alone, we are collaborating with several independent organizations who help us take the necessary steps.

Tree Nation

Tree-nation is a tech solution on a mission to reforest the planet. Deforestation is one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

By gamifying and automating tree-planting efforts around the world, Tree-nation believes it can plant 1 trillion trees by 2050.

Companies grow a Tree-nation forest which tracks how many trees they’ve planted and how much CO2 they’ve offset. This is what we do with the Kolsquare Forest in Tree-nation.


Trees planted 🌳


of CO2 compensated


The Saas platform SAMI automates existing carbon footprint methodology to enable companies to measure their carbon output.

Sami’s technology compiles and analyzes financial and accounting data related to all aspects of the business, which it then associates with emissions according to activity category, such as travel, purchasing, buildings, digital output, etc. Staff are required to complete a survey of their consumption and travel habits.

Since 2021, Kolsquare has partnered with SAMI to measure its carbon footprint and offset it through Tree-nation.


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