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Big data for big ideas.

You’ve got a killer product that you want the whole world to know about.

With Kolsquare’s huge database and AI-powered semantic search engine, you can access the most detailed influencer and audience stats on the market to find your perfect creator match.

  • Every Influencer with 5K+ followers in 180 countries
  • Full coverage on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and X
  • Multiple filters to analyze profiles and audiences
  • Unlimited search queries and content

Semantic search engine for pin-point precision influencer matches

Whatever your needs, be sure to find what you're looking for thanks to our semantic search engine.

Integrating the latest machine learning technologies, Kolsquare analyzes our exhaustive database thoroughly and contextually to  look at the meaning behind a search query rather than just isolated keywords.

This holistic approach to language processing delivers precise results and applies to queries including keywords, #, mentions, and emojis in multiple languages.  

As we like our opportunities without limits, Kolsquare allows you to analyze as many profiles and content pieces as you feel like — though you’ll be surprised by the accuracy of first-attempt fits.

Certified change-makers: Filter for Responsible Influencers

Team up with best-in-class change-makers who commit to using their influence in an ethically sound and considered manner.

Kolsquare’s signature features highlight creators who hold specific certifications (such as the ARPP Responsible Influence certificate), comply with current laws, and even offer free collaborations to drive social and environmental change with non-profits and initiatives that align with their values and ideals.

This doesn’t only align your influencer marketing with your sustainable transformation; by partnering with reliable creators you can also increase your brand safety and protect your reputation.

Keep your brand safe with the Compliance Score

In a collective effort to make social media a safer and more positive place, a number of countries have moved to beef up regulatory oversight of the influencer marketing sector.

Our Compliance Score allows you to check at one glance if a KOL correctly identifies sponsored posts and complies with regulatory requirements and consumer laws. (Not available for all markets.)

Exhaustive database with 80+ customizable filters

Our platform incorporates the most detailed information and robust filters, ensuring you effortlessly discover KOL profiles that truly align with your brand

  • Personal information: Biography, job title, location, language, website, social networks, interests and more in a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Content: access historical data to track the evolution and content of a profile over the last 1.5 years.
  • Brand Partnerships : Check which brands a KOL has already worked with.
  • Influencer Statistics : From engagement rates to average conversion and performance, quickly analyze a profile based on historical data and real-time information.
  • Price estimation : Simplify budget forecasting by including collaboration costs in your KOL selection criteria.
The perfect match

Audiences: it's all about speaking their lingo

Audience relevance is the bread and butter of Influencer Marketing. Kolsquare allows you to find the right influencers to reach your targets and offers a huge array of features and statistics to fine-tune your KOL selection. 

Credibility Score

Is the profile legit or does it have a suspicious number of fake followers? Stop guessing with our Credibility Score, and separate the diamonds from the rough in one glance.

Audience demographics

From age, gender, location, to personal interests, language, and favorite profiles by country and city — take out the guesswork and calibrate your influencer matches to  your target audience.

Audience reachability

People who follow fewer profiles are more likely to be exposed to a KOL’s content. Through our reachability check, you can easily  who follow fewer profiles are more likely to be exposed to a KOL’s content. Through our reachability check, you can easily establish how powerful a profile will be in delivering  your message.‍

Audience Overlap

With millions of KOLs out there, we know that some tap into the same groups of people, often peers sharing similar tastes, interests and preferences.

Our Audience Overlap feature lets you precisely analyze and compare the audiences of selected KOLs and strategically use these insights in your favor. The feature allows you to identify KOLs shared and unique followers, and see where they intersect —  killer info for optimizing your marketing strategy.

We can show you how to find the right influencers to leverage your brand!

Our expert team is happy to show you our software in action and talk through your individual needs and aspirations.


What tools are accessible for discovering influencers in the realm of influencer marketing, and what sets Kolsquare apart as an exceptional tool within this influencer search?

Several tools are available to facilitate finding influencers within the realm of influencer marketing. These tools are designed to streamline the process of identifying, selecting, and collaborating with content creators who can effectively promote your products or services to their audience. Among these tools, Kolsquare stands out in several significant ways:

  1. Influencer Database: Kolsquare boasts an extensive influencer database covering various social platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. This database enables users to discover influencers aligned with their niche, target audience, and marketing objectives.
  2. Advanced Filters: Kolsquare provides advanced filtering options to refine the search for influencers. Users can specify criteria such as geographic location, subscriber count, engagement rate, interests, and more, facilitating the discovery of influencers precisely tailored to their needs.
  3. Performance Analysis: Kolsquare excels in offering detailed data on influencer performance. Users can access key metrics like engagement rate, subscriber growth, reach, mentions, and more. This analytical capability assists in evaluating the potential effectiveness of each influencer for specific campaigns.
  4. Streamlined Collaboration: Kolsquare simplifies the management of influencer collaborations. Users can directly contact influencers through the platform, monitor campaign progress, handle payments, and evaluate results, all within a centralized platform.
  5. Competitive Intelligence: Kolsquare additionally provides competitive intelligence features, enabling users to monitor their competitors' influencer marketing campaigns. This insight allows marketers to glean valuable lessons and enhance their own strategies.

In summary, Kolsquare emerges as a robust tool for discovering influencers in the realm of influencer marketing, owing to its expansive database, refined filters, performance analytics, simplified collaboration management, and competitive intelligence features. It serves as a comprehensive solution for marketing professionals aiming to leverage the potential of influencers in their promotional endeavors.

Finding influencers on LinkedIn: The right strategy for 2024

In 2024, Influencer Marketing is anticipated to take significant strides by leveraging LinkedIn, experiencing a notable surge as an increasing number of brands invest in campaigns on this professional platform. This trend can be attributed to several key factors. LinkedIn stands out as:

  1. Hosting a professional and targeted audience: With over 950 million registered users globally as of July 2023, LinkedIn offers an exceptionally qualified audience for brands. These impressive numbers underline the platform's potential to reach professionals effectively.
  2. Showcasing expertise and high credibility: Influencers on LinkedIn typically excel in their respective fields, and their expertise holds considerable value for users. This enhances the credibility of brands that collaborate with them.
  3. A platform fostering rising content: With a growing number of active members and professionals, LinkedIn serves as a vibrant creative hub. Recently, the social network recorded over 2 million daily publications.
  4. Boasting high conversion potential: Brands that have experimented with Influencer Marketing and Commerce on LinkedIn have witnessed the platform's potency. LinkedIn appears to be among the social platforms generating significant buying interest, with approximately 80% of B2B leads converting, according to the network's data."
How to find influencers in my sector?

Koslquare offers several ways to find influencers specific to your sector. You can search by any keywords, #, mentions, or emoji relevant to your sector, brand and activity. And remember, we offer unlimited search, so if you don’t hit on the right search term first-off, don’t worry, you can try as many as you like.  

How to get in touch with Influencers?

Getting in touch with influencers in today’s ultra-competitive market is a thorny issue for many brands. Luckily Kolsquare provides profiles’ email addresses so you don’t have to waste time looking for them. And, our integrated messaging module lets you centralize KOL outreach in one, easy-to-access location. Pretty neat, huh?

How to find micro Influencers?

Ah, micro influencers. The must-have of modern influencer marketing strategies. Engaging and powerful, partnering with the right micros is sure to drive your campaign performance and ROI to new levels. To find them, set the audience size filter to a range of 10k to 100k followers and let Kolsquare’s search engine do the rest. Double down on your search results by checking the credibility score to see the quality of the KOL’s audience.

How to find influencers on Instagram?

Finding influencers on Instagram has never been so easy. Set Kolsquare’s search engine to filter specifically for Instagram profiles and start punching in the keywords and mentions relevant to your brand search.