we are Kolsquare!

At Kolsquare, our mission is simple: to empower tomorrow's brands with the superpowers of influence.

We have the modest intention of changing the world on our own scale.

And we are convinced that it is by reaching out to communities that we will have the most impact.

But without a KPI, an idea is still a dream.
For us, it is data that transforms this dream into reality.

We are a Software as a Service, not an agency.

You are looking for a thought leader, our tool finds one for you. And that, thanks to data.

Our solution works like a database integrating accurate and measurable information from thousands of cross-platform thought leaders — Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, X — and allows you to find the perfect match.

You find the content creator that matches your goals and manage your campaigns from A to Z directly from Kolsquare. So that you can manage your campaigns based on tangible criteria, we have integrated a monitoring tool and a reporting system that will allow you to make the right decisions.

The superpower of influence is in their hands

Without them, we wouldn't have an impact. Without us, neither.
Today, we collaborate with several hundred brands and organizations that inspire us.

As you can see, communities speak to us. So we decided to create our own. Together, we put together the Influencer Marketing Klub which brings together experts in influencer marketing as well as opinion leaders in the economy related to content creation.

In short, big names, like us, are convinced that communities are the ones that are moving the lines.

Where we come from.

KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader.
Square, because we like things to be square.

Kolsquare is an independent company firmly grounded on its values. Our founder and CEO Quentin Bordage, an entrepreneur with a huge passion for social media, once share his inspiration to create Kolsquare: 

KOL Marketing represents a revolution, a major transformation in the world media and digital marketing. Well-known for its potential to significantly impact brand awareness and customer acquisition, not everyone knows precisely how to harness its powers. That’s where Kolsquare comes into the picture. We are committed to making this new medium accessible to everybody and empower individuals, ideas, and organizations to grow and reach their full potential. 

This vision ignited our journey. Founded in 2018 in Paris, we take pride in having reached profitability on an early stage, with our first 100 customers on board within the first year. Today, we continue growing steadily on an international scale and have created dedicated business units to deliver the best in KOL marketing to all across Europe.

Our commitments

Our ultimate goal is to create something that we’re genuinely proud of. This commitment led us to adopt a business model focussed on driving positive change and in 2020, we became a Benefit Corporation. 

To embody this mission, we took for four public engagements:

Provide access to our tool to NGOs and nonprofits at reduced or no cost

Amplify social and environmental causes through KOL marketing

Promoting ethical behavior online

Run a responsible business

Our Mission Report details all the commitments we have made and actions we have taken as a Benefit Corporation.

To find out more about our commitments and #InfluenceForGood, click below.

Our culture.

At Kolsquare, we are a community of passionate people and proud of our culture that is based on communication, collaboration, trust and kindness.
Our diverse team shares a common vision and ideals. To get a deeper look into our culture, have a look in our culture book

We believe that any company, no matter its size, can contribute to making the world a better place. We also believe that our people should work where they feel most comfortable and inspired. That’s why we embrace a fully remote working scheme in 2020. We still love to get some face-to-face time every now and then, which is why we gather once a month in person to see how we can make our product and brand activities even better. 

Would you like to be part of our team? Check out our career openings to learn more.