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Building a strong brand takes a lot of work. Staying on top of your influencer marketing campaigns shouldn’t. Our collaborative platform does the heavy lifting so your teams can concentrate on more productive tasks.

No more spreadsheets!

Kolsquare provides a seamless, unlimited experience to efficiently manage and optimize your influencer campaigns. Keep it all in one place.

Create your own IRM with customizable lists, folders, and tags

With our collaborative IRM (Influencer Relationship Management system), you can define your own rules and share them with your team.

From custom fields, campaign folders, up to personalizable tags and notes - all your KOL interactions can be tracked neatly, making sure you can scale your relationships anytime.

Our goal: Making your life easier

Our platform offers a solution for everything related to managing your Influencer Marketing programs.

Centralized dashboard

Optimize workflows with KOL lists, content, statistics, and and campaigns in one place.

Collaborative platform

Access for multiple users with different roles and rights to enhance collaboration within large and remote teams.

Real-time tracking

Improve efficiency and ROI by tracking KOL and campaign performance in real time

Messaging function

Use our Gmail plugin to contact influencers directly from the platform.

Mix and Merge

Merge profiles easily

Some KOLs have multiple profiles that create double-ups in your lists and campaigns. Keep this clean by merging the profiles, easily done in a few clicks, without having to pass through the support team.

Streamline your workflow with our influencer relationship management platform !

Our team of experts will be happy to show you our influence platform in action and discuss your individual needs and aspirations.


What steps are involved in organizing a campaign?

No more juggling between seven tabs from seven different applications as a team to organize campaigns. No more losing performance data in cross-platform collaborations, and no more manual preparation of weekly monitoring reports. With our unified platform, you can now manage and run each campaign seamlessly, accessing everything in one centralized location.

What are the four main objectives of an influencer marketing campaign?

An influencer marketing campaign can have several objectives: building brand awareness and visibility, increasing engagement on social media, conversion (sales, newsletter signups, free trials, etc.), or building your brand account community.

What is an influencer marketing campaign?

An influencer marketing campaign leverages social media personalities with strong communities of followers to promote products and services. The most effective campaigns are those in which brands partner with influencers or content creators who are considered experts in their specific niche. 

Influencer marketing campaigns serve the purpose of enhancing a brand's strategies, wouldn't you agree?

Your collaborations with influencers can significantly propel your marketing strategy, as you're aware. Now, it's time to streamline their management across all your channels, providing you and your team the convenience you deserve: consolidating all steps into one platform, ensuring the entire team operates from a unified platform, and maintaining real-time control over campaign performance.

Examples of successful influencer campaigns in recent times

Charlotte Tilbury: A Timeless Success

The success story of Charlotte Tilbury is now internationally recognized. Since its establishment in 2013, the brand founded by the makeup artist has evolved into an empire, reigning atop the beauty and makeup industry as one of the most appreciated and utilized brands. Each new product launch is accompanied by a distinct communication and influencer campaign. Notably, the actor from the successful movie “Barbie,” @ncutigatwa (with 2.5M followers on Instagram), became the face of the new Magic Hydrator Mist. Revealed on TikTok in early June, this seasonal product joined the brand's iconic lipsticks, frequently sold out globally due to social media virality.

This collaboration gained considerable attention and secured a prominent place across all of the brand's social media accounts. On YouTube, a 'Shorts' video garnered over 2K views, presenting the actor's “Get Ready with Me” routine for the film's premiere. Meanwhile, the brand highlighted this exceptional partnership on Instagram through a 'Reel,' amassing over 514K views. The same video posted on TikTok has reached over 83.7K views at the time of writing. Charlotte Tilbury’s striking strength lies in creating omnipresence across its social platforms, leveraging the popularity of a trendy personality.

Liewood Design: Marketing Influence for Sustainable Values

Liewood Design, a Danish brand established in 2015, exemplifies the synergy between design and childcare, promoting positive change. Embracing sustainability and responsible materials, Liewood offers children's products in fashion, décor, furniture, and the culinary realm, featuring accessories for kids' meals. With 454K followers on Instagram and 1.4 million views under #liewood on TikTok, the brand has built an empire in just 8 years, allowing parents to blend aesthetics with parenthood.

@danijela.kusec (with 16K followers on Instagram) showcases the summer 2023 range, almost complete for her children, emphasizing the beauty and practicality of the products. Liewood’s children's meal accessories represent a revolution in the sector, departing from traditional flashy designs to offer ergonomic and transport-friendly options. Here, Liewood stands out by creating innovative products that seamlessly integrate into everyday life, prominently featuring designer Anne Marie Lie Norvig. The brand’s uniqueness lies in engaging the entire family as content creators, making them the essence and guarantors of the brand image.

Chipotle: Masters of TikTok Challenges

With 1.7M followers and 35M likes, Chipotle made a strategic move to invest significantly in TikTok in recent months. Recognizing that over 50% of its customer base constitutes Generation Z, particularly active on the platform, the company capitalized on this trend. Chipotle also discovered that Generation Z placed take-out orders as frequently as millennials but ordered 3 to 4 times a week.

In May 2019, Chipotle launched its inaugural TikTok challenge, #ChipotleLidFlip, during the summer vacation period for its target consumers. To bolster the hashtag's usage and maximize entries, the brand collaborated with Gen Z content creators who were avid Chipotle enthusiasts, including YouTuber David Dobrik (with 18.3M subscribers on YouTube). His TikTok video amassed over 600K likes, 1,700 comments, and over 15K shares within days! The #ChipotleLidFlip challenge garnered participation from hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, attempting the challenge and sharing their attempts with the branded hashtag.

Given the resounding success of this challenge (the hashtag #ChipotleLidFlip now boasting over 328M views), Chipotle swiftly recognized the potential of influencer partnerships. In August 2019, the brand collaborated with Loren Gray (with 49M TikTok followers) for National Lawyer Day, launching another hashtag challenge, #GuacDance, which also gained immense traction. Loren Gray's KOL video received nearly 709K likes and over 5K comments, sparking a viral trend. The campaign accumulated a staggering 500M views, setting a new record as the top-performing brand challenge in the United States. The hashtag has now amassed over 1 billion views. The TikTok challenge resulted in Chipotle serving the largest-ever portion of guacamole, totaling over 800,000 servings

What is the right strategy for creating long-term relationships with influencers?

In today’s hyper-competitive market place creating long-term partnerships with qualified influencers is essential to ensuring sustainable performance of your influencer marketing strategy. The first step is ensuring that your brand values align closely with those of the influencer: meet with them personally and invite them to visit the company so they can evaluate you, as you evaluate them. Be transparent and fair in all your dealings; offer clear, honest contracts. Co-collaborate on content and trust their instincts when it comes to creating content that will resonate with their audiences.  

How to conduct an influencer marketing campaign?

The most effective way to conduct influencer marketing campaigns is through an IRM tool like Kolsquare. Kolsquare allows you to search and analyze potential influencers for your campaigns, contact them directly and track all your campaign and KOL performance KPIs in one place.  

What are the 4 m's of influencer marketing?

The Four Ms of influencer marketing are Make the influencers work for you, Manage the relationship and campaign, Monitor progress and Measure results. This takes you through the entire influencer marketing strategy, from finding the right influencers to creating reports.

It ensures you find influencers with the right size of reach who connect with users in your target audience.

This is an effective but time-consuming strategy. To shortcut the process without cutting corners and launching a flop campaign, leverage an influencer marketing platform.

How to use an influencer marketing platform for influencer management?

Using an influencer marketing platform simplifies the management of influencer campaigns from start to finish. Here's a quick explanation:

  1. Define Goals: Clearly outline what you want to achieve with your influencer campaign.
  2. Find Influencers: Use the platform's search tools to filter and select influencers that match your brand’s specific criteria, such as engagement rate, platform, and audience demographics.
  3. Manage Campaigns: Communicate with influencers directly through the platform, coordinate campaign details, and track deliverables to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  4. Monitor Performance: Utilize built-in analytics to track campaign results and measure success based on engagement and other key metrics.
  5. Optimize: Analyze performance data to refine future campaigns, adjusting strategies to enhance effectiveness.

This approach ensures you manage your influencer relationships efficiently, making the most of the platform’s features to achieve your marketing goals.

Platforms like Kolsquare, help you to assess influencers across the biggest social media platforms. They store data about influencers with different-sized audiences, from nano- to mega-influencers.