Get the estimated price for influencer posts and stories on Instagram

To meet the needs of players in the Influencer Marketing market, Kolsquare is making its free Instagram influencer sponsored content rate calculator available: the KOLculator. How much does an influencer post or story on Instagram cost? Find out using Kolsquare’s free Instagram sponsored post calculator: The KOLculator.

Whether you are a brand, agency or influencer, get the estimated value of a sponsored post or story on Instagram. Just enter the influencer’s account pseudo and discover their sponsored content pricing range.

*These prices are estimated based on the selected account’s statistics. It is not by any means the price the influencer usually charges for sponsored content, as there are many other indicators that can impact the price of a collaboration.

Influencer nickname

Rate estimate

Community count
EMV per post
EMV per story
Engagement rate
Instagram Post
Instagram Story

These personalized rates are an estimate based on the statistics of the profile provided. It is therefore important to weigh them with other criteria that can influence the rate up or down.

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