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France’s new Influencer marketing law

Deciphering France's Influencer Marketing Law: Navigating Regulation and Professionalization in Europe

Understanding France's Influencer Marketing Legislation

Following an exhaustive industry and public consultation process, the French government has legislated a framework to regulate the Influencer Marketing industry and stamp out nefarious practices by some unscrupulous influencers and their agents.

With the global Influencer Marketing industry predicted to be worth $21.1bn
in 2023, the new law is recognition of the industry’s growing importance to the French economy, and of its rapid path to professionalization.

This guide will help you understand the regulations passed by the Assembly to promote a more responsible industry, including information on current laws, the evolution of influencer marketing regulations in Europe, self-regulation by the European Advertising Standards Alliance, and a summary of the code of conduct for influencers and content creators.


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