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  • Why Kolsquare?

    Discover our story and our mission

    As early as 2011, Brand and Celebrities was a pioneer of digital influence, with the first collaboration it created: to engage its community on Facebook, McDonald's France called on Jean-Marc Mormeck, and told the true story of this boxer succeeding in launching his career thanks to his first job with them.
    Brand and Celebrities quickly becomes the French leader of Celebrity Marketing, thanks to its technological approach: a search engine, data from the web and social networks, an online marketplace... With the strong will to bring rationality and responsibility to the market.
    Today, the market has changed significantly: influencers born on social networks have become true “Key Opinion Leaders” (K.O.L.), a new media whose activation is a major issue for advertisers in the coming years, seeking to (re)win their consumers’ trust.
    That's why Brand and Celebrities launches Kolsquare in 2018: it offers its technological expertise to brands to meet these new challenges, through authentic and inspiring partnerships with the best influencers.
    Kolsquare is a platform that helps marketers to optimize their influencer marketing campaigns from A to Z, from identifying and contacting the best influencers to measuring the R.O.I..
    It leverages the latest technologies from Big Data, AI and Machine Learning to enable the most authentic partnerships with more than one million influencers of more than 5,000 followers in 180 countries on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.