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Monitor all your statistics on Kolsquare: the new tool to improve your influence!

Influencers registered on Kolsquare can now access their personalized dashboard for free and receive a report on their activity on social media every month.

Nowadays, only a few free tools to monitor statistics on social media fully meet influencers’ needs. In the continuity of its efforts to professionalize the influence marketing market, Kolsquare decided to help its KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) unveil their strengths by providing them with free tools to monitor all their key social media statistics.

Are you an influencer yourself? By signing up here, you will be able to access your dashboard and find elements to show brands your authenticity, so they absolutely want to partner-up with you! How to improve your influence? We believe by optimizing your content and learning how to sell yourself better. Discover Kolsquare for Influencers.

Monitor your audience's statistics

Analyzing your audience precisely is essential for any content creator who wants to increase their influence. Who are your followers? What type of content are they interested in? If you understand how your community is composed, you will know which target your content will really be appealing to, and which brands to partner-up with.

Kolsquare’s dashboard offers KOLs a global and simultaneous overview on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, in order to follow the evolutions in engagement and community sizes closely.

Among the statistics available on Kolsquare in the “Audience” tab, you can for instance find the Instagram Audience Credibility Score. This score represents a key indicator to know why your followers engage or not depending on the contents. A low score indicates that your audience has too many profiles not engaging with your content, that is to say either robots or inactive profiles. A statistic to follow that helps you to know when you have to take actions to improve it by clearing up some unwanted followers from your followers’ list.

Why is this score essential? Because it is the one brands check when they want to partner-up with an influencer! This indicator proves that their futur partner is reliable in the long run. Sharing this score in your media kit will strengthen your profile in brands’ eyes.

Understand your content’s engagement

Kolsquare created this dashboard in order to allow influencers to compare their content pieces and their engagement by keyword searches. To understand the reach of your content better, three tools are available in the “My Content” tab:

  • Your « Top Hashtags » indicates which hashtags generate the most engagement from your followers,
  • Your « Top and Flop posts » reveal which contents engage your community best and which posts work less, throughout all your social media,
  • A search engine which allows you to compare the engagement of contents addressing certain themes in relation to the engagement of your usual contents. For example, the use of the word “couple” in a post can boost engagement up to 57%. Enter a keyword that you use and discover the performances of posts related to it.

This section should help you in your daily activities and save time by quickly understand which contents work best.

Value your influence among brands

To support your growth and help you enhance your influence, the “My visibility” tab offers two statistics to know if your influence has an impact on brands for potential influence marketing collaborations:

  • An estimation of the value of all your content based on your statistics (that is to say the combination of your posts, stories and videos) helps you define your rates for brands who want to collaborate with you,
  • We also give you access to the number of brands who have visited your profile on Kolsquare.

To know more about how to determine your rates as an influencer, check-out this recent article we wrote about the best ways to define your influencer prices (in French).

Monthly email digest

To complete this monitoring, Kolsquare offers you the possibility to receive a free monthly summary of your statistics by email. You will then be able to monitor the evolution of your influence month after month and social network by social network.

Do not forget to tick the box “I want to receive the activity summary” while registering on Kolsquare.

Registering on Kolsquare is free for all influencers with more than 1,000 followers on Instagram who own a professional or creator public account.

You are an influencer or a content creator and you have not registered on Kolsquare yet? Visit this page.

Kolsquare is an official partner of Instagram, therefore your connection to Kolsquare is completely safe.