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FAQ about Instagram Broadcast Channels in Germany

"Nina Himmelreich has invited you to join her channel," was perhaps one of the messages that lit up our screens last week. We are talking about Instagram's latest update, which allows creators to set up one-way communication channels and thus communicate with their followers in a new way. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently announced the global launch of Instagram Broadcast Channels, ushering in a new era of interactive communication and community building.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram Broadcast Channels are opportunities for real-time contact, a more personal and intimate relationship between influencers and followers, and potentially a new way to monetize content. 
  • The feature has the potential to revolutionize the way influencers interact with their audience by giving followers a sense of exclusivity, intimacy, and community.


We’d like to introduce you to the functionality of Broadcast Channels, provide insights on how to search and create channels, and ultimately discuss the transformative impact it is  having on the social media landscape.

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How do you create an Instagram Broadcast Channel in Germany?

Instagram broadcast channels are the new feature that allows creators to establish direct communication with their followers. These channels serve as special groups where influencers and creators can share various forms of content, such as text, photos, videos, polls and voice messages. The channels are designed to provide seamless and immersive interactions, allowing followers to connect with their audience on a more personal level. Instagram Broadcast Channels are simple to create, but all the more effective for it. Once KOLs get access to the feature from Meta, they can launch a broadcast channel directly from their Instagram inbox.

Those who want to set up their own broadcast channel on Instagram can do so relatively easily.

  1. Install the latest version of Instagram
  2. Access the inbox for DM
  3. Start a new message
  4. Select option, Create Broadcast Channel
  5. Set the channel settings
  6. Write the first message in your own channel

It is best for influencers to use the available features to further promote their own channel. Nevertheless, the first message should be exciting and promising enough for followers to join immediately after the direct notification.

As with any other content (on Instagram), regularity and consistency are  important in a broadcast channel because that’s the only way followers will actively participate. It is best to first find out what the added value of the channels can be for your followers. So listen to your audience’s feedback to refine and improve the channel over time.

What is an Instagram broadcast channel?

Once followers join a broadcast channel, they get access to a specific chat and thus see exclusive content from their favorite creators. Although, as mentioned, they don’t have the ability to send their own messages, they can respond to content and participate in polls, which still creates a dynamic and interactive environment. They can also recommend and share Broadcast Channels with their friends, which increases the reach and potential engagement within the community.

In terms of privacy and security, Instagram applies its Community Guidelines to Broadcast Channels to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all users. Content that violates the  Meta-policy can be reported and reviewed, with  appropriate action taken as needed. This commitment to maintaining a positive user experience reinforces the integrity and inclusivity of Instagram Broadcast Channels.

How to respond to an invitation to join an Instagram Broadcast Channel?

Right from the first post, followers receive a notification inviting them to join the channel. It serves as a direct invitation to followers to become part of an exclusive community. Marc Zuckerberg himself  invited people to join his “Meta Channel 📢“, where participants get first-hand news about what’s new in the IG community. While only influencers can text, followers can respond to the content and participate in polls.

To encourage followers to join the broadcast channel, Creators can post the “Join Channel” sticker in their Stories or pin the link to their profile so it is  easily accessible to interested users later. It’s important to know that Creators can customize their channels and choose their audience. Either your channel is accessible to the masses or to paid subscribers. This allows influencers to cater to different levels of engagement and offer a tailored experience to their followers.

How do you increase reach through an Instagram Broadcast Channel?

An Instagram Broadcast Channel can be a wonderful way to engage with one’s current  (and new) followers. Once the first message is sent and the channel request is accepted, the channel participants will have access to the content created by the influencers. Of course, users will receive new broadcast messages that pop up in the special inbox tab once they  have joined the channel. Almost like having a direct message from a friend, the influencer’s message appears, which increases the likelihood that followers will see and interact with the messages. 

How to disable and leave Instagram Broadcast Channel

Of course, you can mute or leave Instagram Broadcast Channel at any time if you don’t want to be in this exclusive group after all. You simply go to your inbox under the “Channel” tab (which, by the way, is only available in the mobile app), stay on the channel, which will then open the window shown in the screenshot:

Early Adopters: Which Channels Should We Join?

Instagram selbst empfiehlt auf dem eigenen Blog, welche Broadcast Channels wir unbedingt folgen müssen:

An example of a German-speaking influencer who invites her followers to her channel is the Austrian Nina Himmelreich. Her channel is called  “Nina’s Inner Circle” and is moderated in English . She writes: “Is this maybe the place where we can share more private things again? I miss it a lot and have the impression that neither Feed nor Story offer space for it anymore.” She adds that she would also feel much more comfortable sharing more here, knowing that members are here because they want to be part of the inner circle.” So far, the influencer has shared her next travel destination and an outfit with her 853 members. Engagement is holding steady with 17 to 186 reactions compared to the number of participants. Her regular account has 123K followers.

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