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Instagram launches “Reels” to create creative short videos

"Réels" lands on Instagram with French users and thus offers the possibility to publish creative video content in the image of what is done on TikTok.

In test in Brazil since last November, Instagram has recently deployed its new “Real” functionality in Germany and France. Users can now create short videos by adding creative effects. This new feature is reminiscent of the TikTok social network. Presentation.

"Reels", the new format for creating and sharing short videos

The test phase is now being rolled out to new countries other than Brazil, including France. Real is the new format, proposed by Instagram, which is already much talked about. The similarities with the powerful TikTok are obvious.

This new offer allows you to create and share videos up to 15 seconds long with the possibility of adding a whole range of content and creative effects. This feature should soon appeal to the younger generation, but not only!

And for good reason, containment has shown that this type of format can also appeal to other generations. More than ever, users of these types of social platforms are looking for entertainment and “light” content.

Concretely, this new format is available from the camera located at the top left of Instagram (like publishing a story). Once the video has been shot, the user has the possibility to further personalize it thanks to :

  • Music: Instagram offers a catalog of audio content but you can also add your own music,
  • Augmented reality effects,
  • Fast or slow motion: the user can change the speed of the video.



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The mounting tool is very simple and also allows perfect and smooth transitions between several clips. The ultimate goal is to offer more fun and creative format and to find new talent.

In fact, “Réels” is accessible on Instagram from several new spaces for maximum visibility. Real Videos can be shared via the News Feed, in stories, or in private messages. All the Real contents can be easily found from a dedicated tab in the “Explorer” section.

As on TikTok, this allows users to be inspired by other video content but also why not to be highlighted. It is therefore the possibility to reproduce themselves in front of an international audience.


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Something to compete with TikTok?

This new format is obviously reminiscent of TikTok, a high-risk competitor for Facebook. With its 800 million active users per month, the Chinese platform is gradually approaching the billion present on Instagram.

As a reminder, TikTok is a video-based social platform: it allows you to create and post short videos for free, from 15 to 60 seconds long, with the addition of filters, stickers, and musical excerpts.

Challenges are offered to users through the creation and publication of a hashtag. The use of TikTok exploded during the containment: the two billion downloads were exceeded! Find the tips of our experts in this article to succeed on the social network.

Thanks to “Reels”, Instagram will be able to hit a target that had gradually moved away from the platform to the benefit of TikTok. The Z generation is, indeed, very active on TikTok. The 15-24-year-olds represent more than 70% of the users of the application.

The very concept, very entertaining, of proposing musical challenges in playback naturally attracted this target. But will it be ready to leave TikTok to forge new links with Instagram?


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True story ?

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