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Kolsquare (by Brand and Celebrities) announces the acquisition of Ekkla

Kolsquare (by Brand and Celebrities), the marketing platform enabling marketers to optimize their Influencer Marketing campaigns from A to Z, has acquired Ekkla. Ekkla is a technology that facilitates the making of contracts between influencers and brands. This acquisition enhances Kolsquare’s offer and its leadership position in the Influence Market in France. Most of all, it signals a step forward into the transparency, professionalization and efficiency of partnerships in this booming market.

Though it is still a very fragmented marketplace, this year Influencer Marketing is going through a phase of unprecedented structuring. It represents a major stake not only for brands and agencies, but also for influencers and their community who have a strong interest in thriving in a mature marketplace. In fact, what brands want is to reach their target clients through relevant partnerships for consumers. As to influencers, they wish to have their activity respected and valued which involves an adapted remuneration.

A technological partnership to provide authenticity and professionalism to the Influence Marketing market

As it is conscious of the market evolution, Kolsquare has acquired Ekkla to professionalize the market and secure contracts between brands and influencers, in order to manage campaigns that are even more transparent, ethical and authentic.

Collaborations between brands and influencers – or K.O.L, Key Opinion Leaders – are multiplying on social networks and are becoming essential for advertisers’ development strategies. The market is already worth more than € 10 billion in 2019 (US$ 11.2 billion), including € 300 million (US$ 340 million) in France. Nevertheless, the contractual and financial rules of these missions of influence are still almost non-existent and often raise questions, even tensions, for brands as well as for influencers. Thanks to the technology developed by Ekkla, from now on Kolsquare will offer brands and K.O.L. a solution that allows them to set up clear, detailed and tailor-made contracts in a few clicks. Overall this will provide even more guidance and structure to their Influence campaigns.

“We are strongly committed to bringing more transparency and authenticity in the implementation of Influencer Marketing campaigns. Thus, as we are aware of the evolution of the market, we support the Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority (ARPP) in their responsible approach in order to continue the work on market regulation. The acquisition of the Ekkla technology follows the same logic, and we are delighted to collaborate with Mathieu Molinero and his teams."
Quentin Bordage - Founder & CEO of Kolsquare (by Brand and Celebrities)
"Kolsquare/Brand and Celebrities has established itself as one of the leaders in Europe in the management of offline and online Influence collaborations. By securing these collaborations our service will fit perfectly into their responsible and professional vision of Influence professions.”
Mathieu Molinero - Founder of Ekkla

With about fifty employees and a catalogue of +1M K.O.L worldwide, Kolsquare has strong ambitions:


  • Becoming the european leader of Influencer Marketing by 2021
  • Structuring and professionalizing the sector by creating effective, inspiring and sustainable partnerships,
  • Preventing communities from running out of steam due to irrelevant partnerships.


With this acquisition, Kolsquare is further consolidating its offer and confirming its position as leader in the Influence market in France.