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The new features of social networks – November 2021

While TikTok and Instagram are innovating on social shopping, Facebook is redoubling its efforts to get rid of its ageing image. Social shopping, audio, multi-collaboration... the social platforms are on the move! Here's a quick overview of the new features.

New Instagram features

Publication on desktop

Until now, the desktop version of Instagram has been reserved for simple viewing and sending of private messages. The publication of posts on the platform is now possible from a computer. Good news for content creators who can now do everything from a single tool: edit their photos, edit their videos and publish them on Instagram.

Collabs, a new creative possibility

Being able to share the same content on two Instagram accounts in a few clicks? This is now possible thanks to Instagram’s Collabs mode. The two account names are displayed at the top of the post or Reel. The content, however, is distributed on each of the two accounts, to their respective audiences.

The Link Stickers, for everyone

Another new Instagram feature expected by many users of the platform: the sharing of links in stories. Until now reserved for accounts with more than 10,000 followers, this feature has been extended to all accounts. For brands, as well as for content creators, this is an opportunity to redirect to a website for example. 

New Twitter features

Twitter Spaces

Following the example of Clubhouse or Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, Twitter is also positioning itself on audio, a format with a bright future, it seems. A new Twitter feature, Twitter Spaces are voice conversations between users of the platform with at least 600 followers. Spaces allows users to discuss or join a conversation to exchange and react on a specific subject.

The Sphere Chat App community offering

Twitter wants to strengthen the community aspect of its platform and is acquiring the chat application Sphere to move up a gear. On the messaging side, things are getting more muscular. This service allows guests at an event to get in touch via chat. Communities are created according to the affinities of each person and the organiser can easily chat with the participants.

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New Facebook features

Live Audio Rooms

Facebook Live Rooms are now available in all countries where Facebook is present. Facebook Live Audio Rooms are places where users can interact with other users directly from the platform. Each participant can intervene by raising his or her hand or simply by adding a reaction. The Live Audio Rooms are accessed directly from the Facebook News Feed; the user can listen to a podcast while continuing to browse the social platform.

Group Effects: augmented reality on Facebook Messenger

As if to introduce itself to the Metaverse, a big topic that Facebook is passionate about, the giant is adding augmented reality effects to Messenger and Messenger Rooms. All participants in a call (not just one) can add fun filters to their conversations. Beyond a simple filter, this feature also allows to go further in the entertainment by proposing interactive multiplayer games.


New TikTok features

TikTok Creator Marketplace

TikTok structures its offer to content creators with its TikTok Creator Marketplace. This platform is the exchange space between brands and influencers on TikTok. Authenticated data, advanced search function, creator profile, reporting… the platform is committed to facilitating collaboration during an influencer marketing campaign.

TikTok Creative Hub

In keeping with this desire to professionalise its approach to brands and content creators, TikTok offers a dedicated space for professionals who already have a TikTok Business Account. Brands can thus be supported in the creation of content via digital educational tools. 

TikTok Shopping

This new TikTok feature was made possible by the Chinese giant’s partnership with Shopify, an online shopping platform. Initially limited to advertisements, e-commerce is becoming bigger and bigger on TikTok. Users of the platform can buy products directly from a TikTok profile: via its TikTok storefront or via its e-commerce site. The transaction is finalised by the payment stage, on Shopify.


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