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  • Discover how Influence Marketing is a channel for Cheerz to work on their image and notoriety


    Influence marketing, a powerful internalized acquisition lever at Cheerz


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    Influencer Marketing is for Cheerz a channel which allows them to work on their image and their notoriety. The brand also uses it as a powerful acquisition tool for new customers. Five persons specifically work on this tool internally for the three countries where Cheerz has an expansion strategy: this represents around 10% of their investments.
    We chose the Kolsquare solution for its ergonomy and its ease of use. The evaluation of profiles allows us to tweak our strategy...

    by helping us select the ones most consistent with our core target. The reporting part is also very valuable because it allows us to evaluate the performance of our campaigns thanks to the EMV calculation, among other things. Kolsquare also permits giving rates on influencers, which helps to work efficiently as a team. All the campaigns created by a member of the team are visible by the other members, which is very useful to circulate information. Our interlocutor at Kolsquare is very present and extremely reactive to answer our questions and assistance requests. We have been collaborating with influencers since 2017, mostly in the parent field but also with lifestyle, decoration, travel and food influencers. We also have a pool of ambassadors with whom we work regularly and who we support all year long during our key moments. We take the notion of branding efficiency into account even more than the performance of promo codes shared by our influencers since the integration of Kolsquare into our strategy. The platform also helps us target the profiles better.

    Involved Talents

    Maesoftness - Blogueuse

    Maesoftness - Blogueuse

    +43,7K subscribers overall
    Emilie Fiorelli - Influencer

    Emilie Fiorelli - Influencer

    +1.3M subscribers overall

    Jeremstar - Influencer

    +7.1M subscribers overall

    Charlène Le Mer - Influencer

    +329KM subscribers overall