The successful example of in-sourcing influence with LALALAB

Significant time savings on influencer activation and KPI analysis


Influencer Marketing has been fully established in LALALAB’s marketing strategy for over two years. This is a very strong strategic tool for the brand on a daily basis in order to acquire new customers.
LALALAB works on a regular basis with influencers whose communities exceed one million subscribers in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. The brand also involves micro-influencer profiles depending on its influence campaign goals.

Since we have implemented the Kolsquare solution as a part of our strategy, we deal with Influencer Marketing in a much more qualitative and relevant way. This allows us in particular to better target the influencers with whom we wish to collaborate.
Thanks to its database, Kolsquare allows us to quickly research / find / analyse the influencer profiles most relevant to our brand. Its Chrome extension connected directly to Instagram is also very useful since it provides the detailed data of each influencer that we work with.

Amélie Brulé
Head of Influence Marketing & Social Media @LALALAB


Thanks to its implementation, Kolsquare enables LALALAB to analyse the KPIs of each influencer profile and allows the brand to really save time in decision-making regarding the involvement of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders).

Involved Talents


Jennifer_Crn - Influencer

+2.9K subscribers overall


Carla Front Low - Journalist, Blogger

+18.9K subscribers overall


Noholita - Influencer

+1,1M subscribers overall


Whext_travelblog - Blogger

+37.1K subscribers overall


Enabla - Blogger

+49.9K subscribers overall