Identifying relevant KOLs: a major challenge for The Desk

An agency specialized in influencer communication and an influencer marketing platform: the perfect match!


Created in 2007, The Desk is an agency specializing in influencer communications which keeps its first promises: a reliable strategic approach, contents in line with the expectations of the intended targets, an activation of the most relevant communication levers.
Thanks to the Kolsquare technical solution of Influencer Marketing, The Desk team can now offer more profiles of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) relevant for its clients in accordance with their strategic goals.

Today, Influencer Marketing is an essential lever at the heart of our strategy. It also mingles with media relations and with the other marketing focuses that we process everyday.

In addition to the ergonomic format of its solution, Kolsquare offers numerous possibilities: campaign creations, contact, quick research of influencers,… Its integration especially permitted to complement the manual work of searches and listings already created by our teams.”

Constance Aubard
Social Media Manager chez The Desk


We like to work with the Kolsquare tool thanks to the various functionalities it offers. The Kolsquare team is also very attentive, which allows us to easily exchange about our requests with them.

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