Influencer profiles: finding the right mix

Macro, micro, nano... What if these influencer profiles were complementary in the same Influence Marketing campaign?
Jul 2020


Micro-influencers are popular with brands in part because of the commitment they generate. Even if the number of subscribers is no longer enough to convince, macro-influencers aren’t to be ignored. They have such a large audience that they often guarantee maximum visibility for your brand.

How to find the right mix between the different influencer profiles for your next Influence campaign? Here are some keys to make the right choice.

Very different roles depending on the profile...

Among the indispensable steps prior to the launch of an Influencer Marketing campaign, the choice of influencers should not be made at random.

Whatever the objective of your campaign, our experts recommend that you always choose a profile that is in line with your brand values and whose audience is relevant.

Today, there are three main profiles of influencers, identifiable according to the size of their communities:

Macro-influencer has at least 100,000 followers (it is even called a mega-influencer if it has more than 500,000 followers). He has made influence his business and publishes content daily on the social platforms of his choice.

The size of its audience allows it to ensure a wide reach of its posts. It is able to create buzz and some macro-influencers have even become brands in their own right. Cyprien or Caroline Receveur, for example, are among those celebrities.

Micro-influencer has between 10 and 100,000 followers. Brands are increasingly interested in them because they are able to generate very good engagement rates. The Micro-Influencer is seen as authentic and sincere.

The smaller size of his community allows him to maintain a close relationship with it. It is therefore easier for him to engage his audience.

Nano-influencer has between 0 and 10,000 followers and is the “Mr. Everyman” of Influencer Marketing. It is first and foremost a consumer. He regularly speaks on social networks by spending opinions, leaving comments, or posting photos and videos himself.

His family and friends have full confidence in him and he has a direct influence on their purchasing process. He works in a completely disinterested way, without being paid. His audience resembles him and is said to be very “qualified”.

... and yet a complementarity

As we have just seen in the first part of this article, each influencer profile has a well-defined role. Macro-influencer (or even celebrity) embodies a product thanks to its strong notoriety.

Micro-influencer, often an expert on a subject, brings a certain legitimacy and credibility to the brand.

Finally, nano-influencer has, above all, strong power of recommendation to those close to them.

When choosing the profiles of influencers, it is first important to bear in mind that these three main profiles can very well coexist within the same campaign. In some cases, this may even guarantee a more effective strategy.

The key is to understand that each level has a role to play. Of course, the available budget will also determine whether or not you can activate each of the profiles.

Where possible, collaborating with both a macro-influencer and a micro-influencer (or nano-influencer) will allow you to achieve two goals: to give voice to your campaign thanks to the power of the micro-influencer’s audience and to give credibility to that same voice thanks to the micro-influencer.

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