Working with nano-influencers: why and how?

The nano-influencer is above all a "simple" consumer, but his expertise on a subject or a brand ensures a strong influence on his entourage. What if you were to contact a nano-influencer for your next influencing campaign?
Jul 2020


They have a small community but are of growing interest to brands wanting to launch an Influencer Marketing campaign. Nano-influencers are today a privileged target to make people talk about a product, a novelty, or why not an event. Our experts conducted the survey.

Nano-influencers: a qualified and committed audience

The nano-influencer has less than 10,000 followers on Instagram. His community has often been built around his loved ones and then extended to followers with the same interest. He communicates spontaneously, without necessarily touching up his photos, and shows himself as he is.

The authenticity and sincerity of his speech are as many assets to succeed in capturing and retaining an audience. Studies have proven it: the engagement rate of a nano-influencer is on average much better than that of a macro-influencer. It is, indeed, easier to interact with a limited audience. As a brand, you will indirectly benefit from an engaged audience, ready to like, and share content.

In addition, the nano-influencer has managed to retain a so-called “qualified” audience, which guarantees that it is not addressing a “fake influencer”. To avoid being trapped, our Influence Marketing technology solution allows you to analyze the statistics of influencers and their subscribers to determine whether or not they are fake and relevant to your brand.

In addition to commitment, working with a nano-influencer may be the right choice if your business is in a particular “niche” sector. This influencer target is often specialized on a specific subject, such as zero waste or breastfeeding for example.

In summary, here are the main advantages of working with a nano-influencer:

  • He is authentic and close to its subscribers;
  • He has succeeded in engaging its community;
  • He is specialized in a specific subject and therefore expert.

Working with a nano-influencer cannot be improvised.

In many cases, the nano-influencer does not seek to win subscribers at all costs but instead seeks to maintain the proximity it has with its community. Its leitmotiv is not remuneration either, so there is no need to get into a negotiation game.

The win-win relationship must above all be based on trust between the KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and the brand. Nano-influencer likes to have a certain freedom. Let’s not forget that he is an expert on his subject.

This freedom is also found in the published content since the nano-influencer very often does not have an established editorial line as another larger scale influencer. Graphical” constraints are almost non-existent and the absence of a publication schedule means that the influencer can be very reactive. In this case, the Influencer Marketing campaign can start quickly.

The quality of the collaboration with a nano-influencer is essential. During the phase of research and identification of an influencer, it is essential to find out about each of the profiles and to send personalized messages. The quality of the first contact is decisive for the continuation of the collaboration.

Finally, it may also make sense to give the nano-influencer the status of a brand ambassador in order to give it more visibility and why not more responsibility. Some have even been given the role of actor to participate in a commercial when others have contributed their expertise during a new product launch.

You are a brand and would like to collaborate with a nano-influencer? We can help you set up and follow up on your next influence campaign.