How to promote an event with influencers

Invite targeted, hand-picked influencers and use their communities to increase the impact of your events!
Mar 2019


Influencer marketing now plays an integral role in many brands’ advertising strategies.

High visibility, targeted audience, original content: there is no longer any doubt that influencers bring clear advantages to businesses. You only need to look at examples of fruitful influencer marketing campaigns!

The potential of influencers can be used in many ways. But events are one of the most effective ways to benefit from all these advantages. Let us explain why.

Which influencers should you use for your event?

Are you looking to promote the launch of your new product or present your latest collection? Maybe opening a new store, exhibiting at a trade fair or simply wanting to boost your brand’s visibility? Influencers are just what you need.

Whether they are macro-influencers or micro-influencers, you will benefit from their large audience or their loyal and committed community respectively.

But to truly exploit their whole potential, it is crucial to choose the right influencer to pass on your brand’s initiatives to the relevant audience. In other words, to your target itself.

1- Macro-influencers for maximum reach

Activating one or more macro-influencers is beneficial when your product or brand is aiming at a wide audience. If the people you are targeting have diverse and varied profiles, a macro-influencer can use their large community to reach a maximum amount of people.

2- Micro-influencers for promoting a niche

If the product you want to promote belongs to a very specific domain such as beauty, innovation or fitness, calling upon a micro-influencer who specialises in this theme can be a good idea.

Many professionals still wrongly believe that the number of followers is the most important criteria when choosing a Key Opinion Leader.

Here, it’s all about balance: engagement rates, quality of influencers (watch out for fake influencers!), relevant demographical and geographical target: various criteria need to be carefully considered.

Why invite an influencer to your event?

As a result of their reputation and large and/or engaged community, promoting an event with an influencer will be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Genuine increase in visibility. Like all consumers, influencers have a presence on social networks. By sharing photos or stories on their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts, they will significantly increase social coverage of your event. Your reach will therefore be higher.
  • You will save time. Influencers share their content live or just after your event. The coverage is therefore almost immediate.