Case studies and examples of influencer campaigns

Follow these examples of stand-out digital influencer campaigns to make yours a success!
Mar 2019


The trend is clear: all the latest research and statistics on influencer marketing have proven the effectiveness of digital influencers in connecting brands with consumers.

Raising a brand’s profile, developing a better brand image, creating an emotional connection between advertisers and consumers: there are countless advantages of a digital influencer campaign.

According to research carried out by Brand and Celebrities in 2018, beauty, fashion and food are the three sectors which use influencer marketing the most.

Let’s look at some of the best examples of campaigns within these key fields!

What are the best influencer marketing examples?

Fashion influencer marketing campaigns

Revolve – #RevolveAroundTheWorld and #RevolveFestival

What could be more effective than teaming up with the most followed fashion influencers on social networks when it comes to improving the visibility of a ready-to-wear clothing brand? Revolve had it all worked out.

Rather than going for a traditional advertising campaign, the brand chose to invite Key Opinion Leaders to travel the world. Photographed at parties, on a boat or out with friends, the influencers then posted photos of themselves wearing Revolve outfits using the #RevolveAroundTheWorld hashtag.

But the brand took this one step further! Revolve rented a huge villa during the unmissable Coachella festival, inviting influencers considered to be the most popular among Millennials, its main target. As a result of several Instagram posts and Snapchat stories, the brand had over 3 billion impressions and the #RevolveFestival hashtag was used over 6,000 times in just one weekend. This operation led to significant growth in sales.

Beauty influencer campaigns

Lancôme – #BanTheBoring

Influencers rule in the beauty world. Increasingly called upon by brands, they biggest beauty names have worked out that these Key Opinion Leaders are a great way to raise their profile and visibility.

With this in mind, the luxury Lancôme brand decided to mobilise a group of Youtubers and Instagrammers with a view to reaching out to a younger audience. Lancôme’s aim was to retain its loyal customers whilst expanding its target at the same time.

To promote its latest range of Matte Shaker and Metallic Lip Lacquer lipsticks, the brand called upon Noholita who boasts 600,000 Instagram followers, Chloé B with 530,000 followers, and The Doll Beauty whose community comprises 980,000 fans.

Renowned for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle accounts, these influencers promoted products on their networks using the #BanTheBoring hashtag. Thousands of likes and comments on their posts prove just how much visibility this campaign brought to the cosmetics brand.

Food influencer campaigns

Clarins – #BelleDansMonAssiette

Whether it’s for tracking down the latest trendy restaurants, finding new recipes or just sharing photos of your meals, food is widely discussed on social networks.

Food fans or professionals, often dubbed Foodistas, these culinary Instagrammers have become the go-to names in the field.

On this network, the theme is so popular with its users that it is no surprise to see fashion, lifestyle or even beauty influencers sharing their ‘foodporn’ photos.

The subject is so often shared that the Clarins cosmetics brand decided to join forces with one of the world’s best pastry chefs, Christophe Michalak, to promote its brand.

What’s the link between food and beauty? What we eat has a direct impact on the quality of our skin. This is the message that Clarins wanted to put across by taking the initiative to take a healthy food truck around Paris.

The concept was all about offering healthy recipes created by the influencer Christophe Michalak, inspired by the most often used active ingredients in Clarins products such as avocado, quinoa and rose.

Using the #BelleDansMonAssiette (beauty on my plate) hashtag, Parisians could track the truck on Instagram.

This unusual and fruitful campaign is once again proof that using influencers is a great strategy provided that the choice of influencer, concept and approach are clear and relevant.

Where to find examples of influencer campaigns?

Searching for examples of campaigns can in itself be a great source of inspiration. By looking back at previous examples of influencer campaigns launched by brands close to or within your line of business, you will gain an overview of all the devices you could use for your next campaign.

There are many different ways of observing the latest influencer campaigns and keeping yourself informed about them:

  • Follow influencers on networks. Try following the most liked and/or popular micro or macro influencers in your field. This will give you an insight into their partnerships.
  • Follow the #ad and #sponsored hashtags. Used by influencers when they promote a product or service, these hashtags link to many influencer posts promoting collaborations with brands.
  • Read the digital press. Stratégies, ADN and CB News are good French examples, as are women’s magazines such as Elle and Glamour. They feature updates about influencer marketing and news about influencers and celebrities.
  • Activate Google Alert or other tracking tools. To stay informed about the latest campaigns, you’ll need a tracker. Use tools for identifying keywords such as ‘influence’, ‘digital campaigns’, ‘digital influencer’, ‘marketing’, ‘advertising’ etc.
  • Look at websites and social networks led by influencer marketing. Seeking out influencer agencies or platforms and checking out their blog articles, networks or websites is also a good way to get an insight into the latest digital influencer campaigns.