Local Influencer Marketing: why and how?

Have you ever heard of Local Influencer Marketing? Our experts will tell you in which case(s) to be interested in it and how to activate it.
Jul 2020


Whether it is an exclusively local activity (a restaurant, a shop,…) or an event, Influencer Marketing is a powerful lever to bring visitors. Among prescribers, hyperlocal micro-influencers are the ideal target to approach for your next campaign.

When Influencer Marketing boosts the local activity

Local Influence Marketing consists of collaborating with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) living near a place to be promoted.

This can be for a restaurant, a shop, a bar, a showroom, or an event. Geography is then the first criterion of choice when activating an influencer. Other criteria such as the number of subscribers, credibility score, editorial line, or positioning also come into play when it comes to finding the most relevant profile for one’s brand.

Local Influence is interesting when you want to increase the number of visitors to a “physical” place. This strategy is all the more relevant after a period of crisis such as the one we have just gone through and during which you may have been deprived of visitors.

On a more global level, the last few weeks have accelerated towards a more authentic, local, and qualitative influence. A real surge of solidarity has emerged to support local shops and small creators.

Local influencers respond perfectly to this quest for authenticity on the part of consumers. Their geographical proximity makes them true trusted guides.

From an operational and practical point of view, this facilitates the creation of content directly on the spot. The benefits will then be very quickly quantifiable: authenticity is the guarantee of a successful influence campaign.

Hyperlocal micro-influencers for proximity influence

To launch a local influence campaign, our experts strongly advise to use micro or even nano-influencers, for several reasons:

-This target has a small community of subscribers and very often guarantees good engagement rates,

-Thanks to the proximity they have managed to establish with their communities, they also have a strong prescriptive power when it comes to bringing it to a specific location.

Hyper-local micro-influencers are concentrated in a well-defined geographical area, around their place of residence (their neighborhood, their city, or even their region). They, therefore, manage to reach a localized audience more easily and can recommend :

-Bars/cafes and restaurants if they specialize in food,

-Good shopping addresses if they are passionate about fashion,

-Outings or visits if they are engaged in local tourism.

To contact a hyperlocal KOL, it is strongly recommended to take care of your approach technique. Authenticity is also expected in the brand-influencer relationship, right from the research and activation phase.

So make sure you find out about his profile so that you can send him a personalized message. The rest of the exchanges should be conducted in a climate of trust and sincerity.

Our Influencer Marketing technology solution helps you identify the most relevant influencers for your brand and for your campaign according to your objectives.

You are a brand and want to launch a local Influencer Marketing campaign? Contact our dedicated experts for a personalized demonstration of our solution.