The Kolsquare influencer search engine to identify your KOLs

Finding KOLs for an Influence Marketing campaign is good, finding the most relevant profiles in line with your brand values is better. Thanks to its technological solution and its experts, Kolsquare offers professionals the possibility of refining their targeting as precisely as possible to effectively identify the influencers that resembles them... All in a few clicks. We explain.
Aug 2021


Find relevant influencers with the Kolsquare platform

Estimated to be worth nearly 13.8 billion dollars by 2021 according to a study by Influencer Marketing Hub, the Influence Marketing market continues to see a considerable increase in the budgets devoted to it. More and more brands are launching Influence operations, and today they want to move faster by unveiling ever more creative devices such as co-creation and differentiation in their respective sectors. Unfortunately, many of them are still confronted with certain limitations at crucial stages of an Influence Marketing project. This is, for example, the case when identifying influencer profiles for campaigns that require a range of parameters and criteria for selecting KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to effectively identify the most relevant profiles for their brands.

To truly meet the needs of professionals in this very often time-consuming research process, Kolsquare has developed an Influencer Marketing technology solution based on the latest updates in Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning technologies and has developed features that allow brands to considerably reduce their repetitive tasks during an Influencer project. The goal? To allow them to focus on the essentials of their campaigns in a few clicks.

With the multiplicity of social platforms and content creators, it is not always easy to find your way around. This search and filtering is all too often laborious and seems endless. As a true entry point for every brand wishing to launch an Influence Marketing project, the identification and activation of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) is now simplified thanks to Kolsquare, which makes this process efficient and optimized for performance from the start.

How does Kolsquare do it? By listening carefully to its clients and the evolution of the influencer marketing market, Kolsquare experts have developed several technological features to identify, sort and activate influencers quickly. This is, for example, the case with the beta solution of suggesting similar profiles when searching for KOLs. According to the criteria indicated in the solution’s influencer search engine (we’ll talk about it in detail a little later in this article), a professional can now identify influencer equivalents in terms of communities (age, gender, location, etc.), performances and creative universe. This saves a lot of time when you want to activate several similar profiles in one or several Influence Marketing campaigns.

But that’s not all! Always with a view to saving time and speeding up research, the Kolsquare Influencers platform also offers professionals the possibility of adding labels, favourite profiles and/or personalised annotations on content creators to enable them to take real control of their Influence projects by bringing together all the information on the profiles in one place in an intuitive manner. Efficiency, relevance and speed.

Do you want to find relevant influencers in one click for your brand?

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The most advanced influencer search engine on the market

A complete database of influencers

With the main mission of allowing all types of organisations (start-ups, associations, SMEs, major accounts) to access the power of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to maximise the positive impact of brands’ marketing strategies, Kolsquare also provides them with a qualitative database of French and international influencers.

And for good reason, in addition to allowing ultra-affine influencer targeting thanks to the various technologies mentioned above, Kolsquare allows professionals to meet all their Influence Marketing campaign objectives (branding, acquisition of new customers, etc.) thanks to a catalogue of +1.8M KOLs on +5000 followers in 180 different countries on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. This makes it possible to find the most relevant profile(s) for each campaign.

Advanced filtering

But offering a complete database is not enough to concretely and efficiently identify the best influencers for future Influence projects. It is in this sense and to allow brands to work more quickly and intelligently that Kolsquare has also integrated an advanced search engine and advanced filtering into its solution. What is it? We explain.

Working in a similar way to a search engine, Kolsquare‘s technology allows you to apply precise filters on influencer searches by:

  • Age, gender, social networks, countries, cities, interests, influencer content, community size, credibility score, etc. All of this is made possible by automatically updated KOL profile statistics that also provide information on the geographic and demographic distribution of the community, the evolution of the size of the community by social network, the engagements obtained by the identified profile and the interests of its audience according to different themes.
  • The semantic field: keywords, hashtags or by specific theme to identify a trend in the influencer’s publications or to know his universe and his communication habits on social networks. It should be noted that it is also possible for Kolsquare users to search for a trend among a database of selected influencers.

An advanced filtering to find your KOLs

But also, to identify fake influencers to avoid bad surprises. Thanks to the power of their database and their data expertise, the Kolsquare teams have set up advanced algorithms to detect fake influencers. For each profile identified, the credibility score of its audience, mentioned above, is indicated, allowing to address only trusted influencers.

More than 220 brands from all sectors and of all sizes trust Kolsquare to identify KOLs, to manage their Influence Marketing campaigns, to reach their strategic objectives (acquisition, credibility, visibility, brand image,…) and to obtain enriching insights on the market. Discover now all our client testimonials.

The bonus: identifying KOLs in a Chrome extension

To facilitate the identification of influencers on Instagram, Kolsquare launched in September 2019 its Chrome extension named “Kolsquare Analytics Sidebar” and available for download via the Chrome Store.

The principle behind this innovation? To allow users of the Influence Marketing technology solution to access reliable and exhaustive KOL statistics at a glance.

The latter allows, in fact, to have access via Instagram to all the data of the influencers and their audiences such as: engagement rates, demographic data of their audiences (age groups and genders), the location by city and country of their audiences, credibility scores,…

An efficient and powerful way to validate the relevance of selected profiles, by accessing the most relevant data without having to leave the social network. The Kolsquare Analytics Sidebar has already conquered more than 3000 users and is available in 5 languages.

The example of LALALAB x Kolsquare

LALALAB, a Kolsquare client, regularly collaborates with influencers in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom for visibility, brand image and acquisition purposes. Using Influence Marketing throughout the year as a real strategic lever, Amélie Brulé, Head of Influence & Social Media at LALALAB explains:

"We are dealing with the subject of Influence Marketing in a much more qualitative and relevant way since we have integrated the Kolsquare solution into our strategy. It allows us to better target the influencers we want to work with. Thanks to its database, Kolsquare allows us to quickly search / discover / analyse the most relevant influencer profiles for our brand. Its Chrome extension connected directly to Instagram is also very useful as it gives details of the data of each influencer we consult."
Amélie Brulé - Head of Influence & Social Media chez LALALAB

To offer an advanced, precise and intuitive search experience that will meet the identification needs of successful Influence Marketing campaigns?


This is one of Kolsquare’s main objectives. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the sector and its experts, the solution intends to continue to offer its clients a complete, reliable and secure technology to identify the best KOL profiles, manage their Influence Marketing campaigns and monitor the measurement of their results within a single platform.