What are the best Influencer Marketing tools?

There are two ways to start Influencer Marketing: through an agency, or via a platform. Use the most effective!
Mar 2019


Aware of the challenges presented by influencer marketing, you’re getting ready to undertake an influencer campaign. Where and how do you identify the influencer that best corresponds to your brand?

With which tools should you launch an influencer campaign?

You have two possible solutions: the agency and the platform are two tools that will allow you to achieve your objectives by supporting you in your search for the ideal influencer.

Influencer Marketing Platforms: the influencer marketing tool par excellence

The platform is a fast and strategic technological tool that lets brands find the digital ambassador that best corresponds to their brand. Certain platforms, such as Kolsquare, have incorporated an automated connection tool as well as a powerful data tool that will help you in your decision-making. Nevertheless, by getting support throughout your project, you can use the platform autonomously by taking advantage of its data.

In summary, this tool will accompany you on several of your campaigns strategic elements, such as:

  • The search for an influencer
  • Activation of the campaign
  • Creating a contract

A real solution for those that are not experts in the sector, a feature of the platform is that it brings together on the same tool a diverse and varied range of profiles. Browsing an address book so large is an advantage that will ensure that you find the Key Opinion Leader that responds to your brand’s objectives.

Micro or macro-influencers, small or large budget, all your criteria will be taken into consideration!

The Influencer Marketing agency

Several types agency may be able to help you in your influencer marketing campaign. General agencies, also called integrated agencies or full-service agencies, and specialist agencies. This category includes:

  • Public Relations agencies
  • Media agencies
  • Digital communications agencies
  • Events agencies

When creating your campaign, these can offer you their expertise and help steer your strategy. To help advertisers find the ideal influencer, these agencies generally rely on influencer marketing platforms.

To go further, some agencies even specialise in the market: these are influencer marketing agencies.

They maintain good relationships with an often-reduced number of influencers that they connect with advertisers, supporting them fully when carrying out their influencer campaign.

The specialist agency is therefore not an influencer marketing tool, but rather a provider that sells a service.